Is Chiropractic Care Effective for Migraines?

Ask anyone around, they are familiar with headaches. Whether it is occasional, frequent, or once in a while, almost everyone at one point has experienced headaches. However, there is the stronger version that comes with nausea and dizziness. It can hit so hard that you lose your ability to think straight and calmly. This is what a migraine encompasses.

Most people tend to pop pills after pills looking to treat migraines. However, it all ends back to the throbbing pains. If you are looking for a lasting migraine solution then chiropractic care is the best option. 

Migraines in most cases also come with neck pains. This makes it hard to establish whether you have migraines or other types of headaches. For best solutions, you need to visit a chiropractor to determine the underlying issues. Here are some of the ways chiropractors care for migraines.

  • Neuromuscular massage 

This is one of the common chiropractic treatments for migraines. It is also known as trigger point therapy, as It focuses on trigger points around the neck, shoulder, back, and head for muscular relaxation and improves blood flow. The relaxation eases the pressure from compressed nerves. Once the brain recognizes the changes it relays the information around the other sensoria hence reducing migraine.

  • Soft tissue therapy 

Soft tissue therapy is the manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues like muscles, ligaments, and tendons. The therapy has massive effects on body functionalities like the nervous system, fascial system, lymphatic system, and immune system.

Migraines in most cases come from both physical, emotional, and mental strains. Any time you put on more load than the body can handle, it can manifest through the intense headache. Soft tissue therapy involves assessing the body to establish any pain or movement dysfunction. 

The chiropractor provides the right solution depending on the affected body part. It can even involve massage if it will help release the tension on the soft tissues.

  • Migraines treatment 

The other chiropractic treatment for migraines involves a wide range of activities that work to rehabilitate the body. One of the options is a manual therapy that includes joint mobilization and myofascial techniques. The chiropractor can also use modalities like electrical stimulation or ultrasound. 

Given the migraine can also be a result of physical issues the specialist can opt for coordination and neuromuscular training, stretching and range-of-motion exercises, and postural and alignment correction. 

Once you master the body posture and optimal positioning of the body, you reduce stress on the various muscles. The lesser tension eliminates any migraine. 

  • Multidisciplinary care intervention 

The other option a chiropractor might take to treat migraines is by combining various medication options. This method combines physical exercises, dietary counseling, stress management, and relaxation techniques.

The chiropractor will advise on the best dietary plans, and in most cases will advise taking more vitamin B. This combined with the ergonomics and the relaxation options will manage the frequency, intensity, and duration of the migraines. 

Bottom Line 

Taking pain relievers every time you feel migraines is a way to keep them coming back even stronger. Look for a chiropractor to establish the cause of the migraine and provide the best solution.

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