Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs and Other Pets?

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Marijuana has been legalized in many countries in the world. Its uses vary from country to country. Every country has different rules regarding possession, distribution, and cultivation. In the United States, almost all states have legalized marijuana but only a few states have fully legalized it for recreational use. Many states have allowed the use of marijuana despite the fact that under federal law, marijuana is completely illegal irrespective of its purpose. The Controlled Substance Act of 1970 categorizes marijuana as Schedule I, meaning it has a high potential for abuse and no recognized medical purpose. Visit the following link to know more about the legality of marijuana in the United States:

Although some people have reported that marijuana has relieved them from pain, there is still no conclusive study that deems marijuana as an effective treatment for any ailment. Doctors, scientists, and experts are still arguing about whether or not marijuana can indeed be used for medical purposes. However, what is certain is that marijuana has a component that can treat various ailments. CBD or cannabidiol, the substance extracted from the marijuana plant, is believed to be helpful in treating several health conditions. According to several studies, this substance has successfully treated a lot of ailments and symptoms. Cannabinoids’ interaction with the ECS can help maintain the body’s balance.      


CBD Oil for Our Pets

Pets have become an important part of our lives. They have become more than companions to us, they are family. We don’t want anything bad to happen to them. It is very important that we take good care of our fur babies. Just like humans, they have basic needs. As responsible home animal owners, we ought to sustain those needs. We have to feed them right, provide them a good home, give them ample opportunities to stretch their legs, take them to the pet doctor for regular visits, and even insure them with affordable pet insurance. Part of being a responsible fur parent is to know what to do should our furry babies get sick. It is very important to treat their illnesses immediately and effectively.

Expensive trips to the vet have led people to find alternative treatments for their beloved home companions. Administering CBD oil is part of such alternative ways. Many people have tried giving their home animals this medicine and based on their observations, this has successfully treated some illnesses of their home animals. According to some pet owners, this medicine has helped take care of the symptoms and even the cat community also recommends this oil to other pet owners. Although there is still no decisive scientific study that proves that CBD is effective with causality, some veterinarians have already used this medication in treating seizures in some dogs. 

The study about the benefits of CBD oil has not been limited to humans. In recent years, experts have expanded their research to include animals in the discussion. Initial findings show that the effects of CBD oil on animals do not have a significant difference from that of humans. CBD oil reportedly benefits animals the same way humans benefit from it. CBD oil, according to scientists, does not contain the most active component of marijuana, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is what causes psychoactive effects on the body. It is the component that makes people high. Hence, animals won’t experience any psychoactive effect should they be given CBD oil. Moreover, scientists have found that CBD oil can help keep our pets’ bodies healthy.  

There have been no life-threatening risks found with administering CBD oil to our pets. But experts warn that not observing proper dosage can have adverse effects on our pets. Click here to know about the risks that our pets could get from an overdose of the substance.  Consult an expert to know the proper dispensing, administering, and dosage.

Although initial studies have shown that CBD oil is actually helpful for our pets, we should still be very careful about letting them have it. We should gain sufficient knowledge about what it is and the risks that come with it before giving it to our pets. The safety of our pets should be of utmost priority. It is very important to be cautious about whatever we do to our pets.  

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