Impact of Tech to Small Businesses during the Pandemic (COVID-19)


During these times in the pandemic, small business operators have to embrace technology. Technology is the main factor that keeps them afloat. Many companies are changing to have a base online and look for tips from The COVID-19 makes it difficult for physical reach to customers. There are many restrictions by the government to small businesses. The change has been a blessing to some businesses. The companies get a chance to add extra streams of revenue. They also get to offer their clients more options for those who do not feel the urge to make a physical visit. 

We take a look at some of the sectors that have a positive impact during the pandemic. They are:


Fitness companies also have improvements in their sector. They now offer online classes through zoom classes. Their clients maintain their subscriptions as this new way makes them happy. The customers get to do their activities in the comfort of their houses. 


As students are at home, they get to link with their teachers through zoom classes. It ensures that learning continues without interruptions. Other organizations are linking to their clients through subscription mails. The emails keep them in contact with one another during the pandemic. 

Real Estates

Industries such as realtors now give online services. The services range from offering the ability to bid online and virtual walkthroughs. The clients do not have to go to the actual sites. They get the exact experience online. The online platform in this sector helps in reducing extra costs such as transport. It also saves on the time that one is to use before getting to the locations.


The healthcare sector now offers consultancy services online. The services are possible as there are applications that in place for that service. The patients can now get assessed while at home. It helps reduce the hustle that one gets when visiting a hospital. The doctors can give prescriptions after diagnosing the patients. 

Judicial system

Law firms are now available to their clients through online platforms. They can offer online tools and video chats to clients all over the country. 


The pandemic enables small businesses to work from home. In doing this, they get to cut rent expenses. It also saves on office space. Working from home can allow a business to hire help from different locations. It is not only different location, but it can also be different countries. One does not have to rely on the local expertise available. 


When we do business in person, we do not have the time to collect information about either party. When people trade online, you get to measure trends of commodities. A business can judge a customer’s loyalty online. It is easier for a company to discover their shortcomings. They can then adjust and come up with better services for their customers.

The impact of technology does not only apply to small businesses only. Research says that many customers first start product search online. Small businesses that online have the opportunity to be a step ahead of the customer. The trend can also assist companies after the pandemic ends. If your business wants clients to notice it, they should work on putting up an online presence. 

Coming up with an online platform is involving. IT comprises setting up social media accounts and websites. Businesses can boost their reputation by having a feedback section on their platforms. Social proof of existence is a plus for businesses. Various platforms and tools can assist businesses in this sector. They include email services, analytical tools, website builders, eCommerce platforms, and many more. The tools improve the efficiency and a business’ customer reach. Businesses that are new to the platforms may get difficulties. As time goes, it becomes simple to run online businesses. Technology will continue playing a huge role in these.

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