How to Stay Well During Each Trimester

As blissful a time as pregnancy can be, there is no denying that it takes a significant toll on your body. Because of this, you usually have to put in some extra effort to maintain your physical and mental wellbeing during those critical nine months. Here are some guidelines to follow to maximize your health at every stage of your pregnancy. 

The first trimester 

For many women, the first trimester is the most trying of them all. Not only are you getting used to the idea of becoming a mother, but your body is also undergoing several intense changes. All of this combined with fluctuating hormones and the dreaded morning sickness can leave you feeling sick, stressed, and exhausted. 

The most vital aspect of staying well during the first trimester is to keep properly hydrated. If you are vomiting as a result of morning sickness, your fluids will be depleted, and this can lead to awful migraines and general fatigue. If you can’t manage to keep water down, the best solution is to turn to IV therapy. Companies such as Reset IV Los Angeles can provide you with a huge hydration boost along with a myriad of important vitamins and minerals that will leave you glowing the way you were told that you would! 

Along with hydration, pay special attention to the food that you are eating—a balanced eating plan has never been more important—and don’t forget to take your prenatal vitamins. 

The second trimester 

The second trimester is known to be the most wonderful trimester of the lot. The majority of women will no longer suffer from symptoms of morning sickness, and their baby bellies will still be of a manageable size to ensure adequate comfort when it comes to completing regular day-to-day tasks. 

The best way to make the most of the second trimester and to keep well is to take every opportunity to pamper yourself and savor your me-time. Soon enough, all of your energy will go into looking after a brand new little human, after all. 

The third trimester 

As your belly continues to blossom, you may start to feel a bit uncomfortable by the time the third trimester hits. Maintain your wellbeing by investing in a pregnancy pillow to support you when you sleep and to improve the quality of rest that you are able to get, despite your little one moving about at all hours. 

If you suffer from swollen feet—a common complaint in the third trimester of pregnancy—be sure to spend plenty of time throughout the day with your legs elevated to aid in alleviating the pain and discomfort. 

Ensure that you are continuing to take your prenatal vitamins, drink lots of water, and stay active by taking leisurely walks or doing some pregnancy-safe yoga. If ever you have any health concerns, such as changes in vision or severe headaches, do not hesitate to contact your doctor for advice. 

Put all of the aforementioned advice into practice and you are sure to enjoy a happy, healthy pregnancy from the first trimester all the way through to the third. 

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