How To Start a Walk-In Clinic

How To Start a Walk-In Clinic

Let’s say someone feels under the weather. They don’t have an appointment to see their physician and going to the hospital is out of the question. What should they do? Walk-in clinics are ideal in these situations. They don’t require an appointment, so they’re an incredibly convenient option for medical care. If you’re interested in learning how to start a walk-in clinic, keep reading.

Business Plan

When you consider how to start a walk-in clinic, it’s important to think about the target market. Who would find your walk-in clinic helpful? What kind of services do you want to offer? These are questions you should answer in the early stages of developing your business. If you know your target market, that helps with other aspects. For example, thinking of a busines name. The clinic’s name should attract the target market. Make sure the name reflects your business plan clearly. A patient should know what the building is by the name alone.

Legal Entity

Forming a legal entity is another important step to starting a walk-in clinic. This protects you from being personally liable if the business is sued. There are various legal entities to choose from depending on your preferences. A few options include sole partnership, partnership, limited liability company, or corporation. A limited liability company, otherwise known as an LLC, is one of the most popular options.


Having an organized plan when it comes to managing the finances of your clinic is essential. You must consider the startup cost, first. It’s helpful to have a business bank account to properly manage your budget. It may also be beneficial to hire an accountant to ensure everything is handled properly, including taxes. Make sure to consider the standard PPE the facility needs, as well. It’s important to have enough PPE to keep patients and employees safe. Lastly, you need insurance for your walk-in clinic. Insurance is very important so make sure you take the time to research the best option for your facility. Operating a walk-in clinic is incredibly rewarding, so remember that the work is worth the reward.

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