How to Protect Your Feet on a Hiking Trip

When embarking on a field trip, you need your feet to be in a good shape to be able to walk the long miles. It can be very inconveniencing if during your trip your feet are not in a good condition for example because of blisters.

Professional article writing service prepared following tips will assist you protect your feet as you prepare for your trip:

Clean and Wipe Your Feet Dry

It is important to wash your feet real well and to wipe them dry too. Make it a habit of drying your toes and the spaces between them too. 

This helps avoid infections and will keep your feet prepared for your coming trip. It will also help you avoid the embarrassment of a failed trip arising from failing to clean and dry your feet.


Shoes play a very important role as part of your trip for example keeping your feet from getting injuries. A good choice needs to be the ones that are well fitting and light enough on your feet. This way you will avoid friction on your feet and developing blisters. It is also important to put laces on the shoes and to tie them on properly.

Maintain Short Toenails

This may sound trivial but it is important to keep your toenails short and in the proper way. If you have long toenails and you wear the fitting shoes you will experience a lot of discomfort when you start your hiking. On the worst case, your feet may start bleeding.

When clipping the toenails, the right way is to keep them straight and not to curve them. You can achieve this by using a file to keep them straight after cutting them.


Choose socks which are clean and completely dried for your hiking trip. It is important to put on a clean pair each day while on your trip. Experts in hiking also recommends for you to wear double pairs: a light pair inside to maintain your skin well moisturized. Another advantage of wearing two pairs of socks is to reduce friction while walking.

When settling on the socks to pack, avoid the ones made of cotton as they would absorb sweat making it uncomfortable for you to walk.

Take Breaks

It is important to take time to eat, drink your water and relax. Don’t get obsessed with the idea of wanting to rush over and finish your hiking quickly. Give your feet time to relax. 

This will help you regain energy for your remaining trip and complete your hiking in good shape.


Hiking is fun all the time. It is an experience you should consider having if you have never been on one before.

An important note to remember as you get ready to go for hiking is to maintain healthy feet. As you will note, they are the most essential part for your hiking. If they are in a great condition, your hiking experience will be great.

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