How to Navigate a Pediatrician, Parent, and Child Relationship

When looking for a pediatrician, we find ourselves looking for someone who treats more than our children. We’re looking for a healthcare professional who will extend their care to the entire family. They’ll take into consideration the feelings of the parents, caregivers, and children.

As parents, it’s our job to put our children first. We need to form a relationship with our child’s pediatrician. This lets us work together when making important healthcare decisions for our children. 

There needs to be a shared relationship between the pediatrician, parents, caretakers, and children. There should be open lines of communication in a comfortable environment.

A Positive Pediatric Experience for All

From the moment we bring our little one into the world, we visit a pediatrician. Whether we are getting our child immunized or are combating their first cold, a pediatrician is a major part of our child’s life. 

Parents and children should have a positive relationship with a pediatrician.  When parents and pediatricians get along, children feel at ease. 

Going to the doctor can be stressful, and by providing a safe environment, we help our children relax. 

If parents and children are comfortable, they will most likely see the same pediatrician for years to come. When children see the same pediatrician regularly, they tend to have better overall health

When we work with the same pediatrician, our child’s progress can be charted and monitored. We are able to discuss concerns as they arise with a pediatrician who is familiar with our child’s healthcare history.

As our child grows, they will be able to discuss their own personal concerns with their pediatrician. They should feel safe and comfortable to do so. We need to take their feelings into consideration and allow our children to talk and ask questions during their pediatric visits. 

Choosing a Pediatrician You Can Trust

When choosing the best pediatric care for our children, it’s important to take into consideration several factors. 

It’s important to learn what the pediatrician’s hours are and what hospital they work out of. We need to know if they have after-hours coverage if our child is sick or if we have concerns.

We should meet other pediatricians or physician assistants on staff in order to create a positive relationship with them. We need to be comfortable with everyone in our pediatrician’s office since we will work with different staff members as our child grows. 

It’s essential to discuss immunization schedules, general costs, and regularity of checkups. This keeps everyone on the same page. 

A Positive Relationship for Years to Come

As our children get older, they should feel comfortable discussing personal concerns with a pediatrician. By maintaining open lines of communication, everyone can work together for the good of the child.

A positive relationship with a pediatrician allows children to openly discuss their concerns. They may not be comfortable talking to parents or caregivers but will confide in a pediatrician. They can be open and honest and share concerns in a nurturing environment. 

We welcome you to explore the many ways we provide exceptional pediatric care for your child. We recognize that quality care extends beyond the patient. The entire family should feel at ease when working with a pediatrician. 

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