How to Manage Lower Back Pain at Home?

Most individuals suffering from lower back pain get significant relief by carrying out standard pain management at home. That’s because a large share of lower back pain cases results from muscle strains, which get better over time without any professional medical intervention. 

The best treatment for such pains is using a mattress designed for preventing and alleviating lower back pain. When searching for a mattress store near me on the Internet, make sure you choose a store that enjoys a good reputation in your area. This will ensure that the mattress you buy will make at-home pain management easier for you. The section below talks about some of the most effective at-home pain management tips for lower back pain

Don’t Stop Moving 

When you have severe pain in your lower back, you might not feel like moving or walking around. That’s possibly the worst decision you could make when experiencing such pain. To get rid of your back pain quickly, you must stay active. 

While you shouldn’t engage in any high-intensity activity, you should never stop yourself from taking part in normal daily activities. For instance, you can take your dog for a walk or go jogging. 

If you choose to be sedentary, the muscles around your spine and other parts of your back will become weaker. As a result, your spine will have less support and your chances of developing chronic back pain will become significantly high. 

Stretch Your Muscles and Strengthen Them 

Strong muscles, particularly the ones forming the abdominal core, provide support to our back. Strengthening those muscles and increasing their flexibility help in preventing back pain as well as relieving it. 

So, when you experience sudden pain in your lower back, perform stretching and core muscle strengthening exercises in the morning. You can choose to perform tai chi, Pilates, or yoga. All these exercise forms are great at strengthening the core and hip muscles. 

If you are not sure about your fitness or are an elderly individual, don’t perform stretching and strengthening exercises at once. Begin your day by performing stretching and do the strengthening exercises in the evening.

Maintain Good Posture  

Maintaining good posture will ensure that there’s minimum pressure on your lower back. Use stretchy bands or tape straps to keep the spin in the right alignment. Your head, on the other hand, should remain centered over the pelvis. Make sure that you are not craning the chin forward or slouching the shoulders. Keeping these little things in mind will automatically correct your posture and reduce your lower back pain gradually. 

Lower back pain is extremely common among people who work on computers. Those individuals should follow some additional rules to ensure that they remain in good posture whenever they are in front of a screen. 

When you work on a computer, rest the arms on the desk or table evenly. Your eyes should be on the same level as the top of your computer screen. Additionally, don’t forget to get up from the chair to stretch your muscles and walk for a few minutes. Ideally, you should take such breaks once every 30 to 40 minutes. 

Keep a Watch on Your Body Weight 

If you are obese or overweight, one of the first health issues you will have is a pain in the lower back. So, if you are struggling with excess weight and have lower back pain, the first thing you should do is change your food habit. Eat right and exercise regularly. The combination of the two will help you to lose weight. Once you are a few pounds lighter, your back pain will automatically start decreasing and soon subside completely.  

Quit Smoking 

According to a recent study, smokers remain at significantly greater risk of developing spine disorders like degenerative disk disease. Nicotine, which is the active ingredient of all tobacco products including cigarettes, weakens the spinal bones. Additionally, the ingredient also harms the structure of the spongy discs that cushion our spinal joints. 

Final Words 

Remember, the above-mentioned tips will work for you only if you have mild to moderate pain. If you have severe lower backache, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible. Never take pain medications at home without consulting your physician. 

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