How To Know if It’s Time To Use a Mobility Aid

How To Know if It’s Time To Use a Mobility Aid

According to the CDC, roughly 17.5 percent of adults in the United States experience difficulty walking or climbing stairs. Do you belong to that group?

There’s no shame in having limitations on your mobility or in needing help getting around. If you don’t already use a mobility aid, like a walker or a wheelchair, how do you know when it’s time to start using one? Read this handy guide and let it inspire you to use a mobility aid when you need one.

You Get Tired Easily

Even walking around the house is markedly difficult for people with mobility limitations. Do you find yourself exhausted after a trip to the kitchen?

Mobility aids like walkers and canes can give you something to lean on when you get tired walking. Don’t let your exhaustion cut you off from public life—get the help you need by investing in a mobility aid.

Frequent Loss of Balance

Do you have a hard time staying balanced when you stand? Falls are a serious risk for individuals with mobility limitations, especially for those who live alone.

Avoid the trauma of broken bones, internal bleeding, and other medical complications by investing in a mobility aid. There’s a wide variety of aids to choose from, depending on your unique lifestyle and limitations. Who knows—a mobility aid could save your life one day.

Going Out Causes Pain

Staying indoors all the time isn’t good for your overall mental health. However, if an excursion as simple as a walk around the block has you in pain for days afterward, you may need additional support.

Using a mobility aid like a scooter or a wheelchair can encourage you to go outside more often without dealing with pain afterward. Don’t relegate yourself to staying inside every day just to avoid that pain!

How do you know if it’s time to use a mobility aid? If you find yourself shut off from society just to avoid the pain of walking, it’s time to enlist extra help. Getting out of the house on a regular basis is good for your overall well-being, and the right mobility aid can help you do so without discomfort.

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