How To Get Started as a Physician Assistant

How To Get Started as a Physician Assistant

Whether you have finished medical school or not, you are working your way toward a medical career. However, this can be challenging and you must prepare for obstacles. To help you navigate those extra hurdles, here is how to get started as a physician assistant.

Obtain the Correct Licensure

The first thing you need is the proper certification. Though a medical school degree is a massive step, there are other licensures to obtain before your first day of work. These certifications vary by state, but generally, you must pass the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam, and then secure a state license to practice. Decide on the state in which you would like to work, and start the process with the state licensing board.

Find a Practice

Once you are all set up with licensures, you can apply for jobs and find a practice that fits your needs. Like any other job situation, consider the work location. Where in the state would you like to end up? Do you want urban or rural? Try to meet face-to-face or over a video call with your prospective employer. Since you may be working under someone else’s practice, you should know how your potential superior will interact with you. If your personalities do not match well or you anticipate friction, that may be a sign to search elsewhere.

Start an Insurance Plan

Medical malpractice insurance is important for safeguarding your burgeoning career. If you receive a claim of negligence or malpractice at any point, you will face serious consequences without insurance. That is why you need to know how physician assistant malpractice insurance works and where to find it. When starting an insurance plan, research the types of insurance and create an affordable budget.

Understanding how to get started as a physician assistant can help you with the first steps into your career. Remember that this is what you have been working toward! With a little planning and research, you can find the perfect fit to begin your professional life.

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