How To Best Manage Your Diabetes

How To Best Manage Your Diabetes

Dealing with diabetes can be an everyday burden that seems debilitating at times; however, slipping up can lead to serious health repercussions. Knowing how to best manage your diabetes is a necessary part of your routine and failing to be responsible for your condition is not an option.

If you have just been diagnosed, then keep a checklist of what you need to do as part of your daily routine to manage yourself. As always, consult with your doctor before making serious lifestyle changes.

Daily Exercise

Physical activity during the day is a great way to naturally regulate your glucose levels. Your muscles use the sugar in your body as energy to keep you moving, and the more you move, the more sugar you burn. Exercise also has the added benefit of aiding your body in the regulation of insulin due to a flow of bodily chemicals during activity.

Have a Plan

Talk to your doctor about the most appropriate workout routine and customize it to fit your lifestyle. Create a schedule of when you are going to exercise, including for how long and what you intend to do. Having this on hand will help you remember and motivate you to workout.

Matt Schmidt of Diabetes Life Solutions notes “choose an activity you enjoy.  If you don’t like to run, consider walking at a local track, or riding a bike.  Maybe join a Yoga group or a cross fit team.  Exercise will not only help you manage your diabetes condition, but you may even save money on life insurance for type 2 diabetes.”

Eating Right

It is universally recommended that everyone needs to eat healthily, but that can seem like a challenge with diabetes. Your diet may seem lacking due to your limitations on what and how much you can safely eat. But there are ways to incorporate a healthy diet into your diabetic lifestyle, although it may take a little more work to accomplish.


When dieting and exercise are not enough to manage your diabetes, then you will need to rely on insulin and other medications. However, it’s important to note you can’t take any dosage; it requires you to know the exact size of the dose you need and at the right time. Otherwise, taking your medication will be ineffective and leave you vulnerable to illness.

Always Have It

Always know where you are storing your insulin and make sure that it is within reach—whether that is somewhere convenient in your home or on your person. Make sure that friends and family know where to find it as well in case, for whatever reason, you cannot get to it.

Be Ready and Be Safe

Knowing how to manage your diabetes is a daily chore, but it is nonetheless a critical one. If you don’t already, you need to know what your circumstances are and what you need to do to keep yourself safe and healthy.

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