How Pregnant Women Treat Stretch Marks

Pregnancy is an exciting time for mothers. For most of the entire nine months, moms exude that “rosy glow.” Although many fears arise at this time, these ‘what-ifs’ become replaced with an eagerness to see the new baby. After every sonogram test, mothers cannot help but imagine their baby’s appearance. 

Together with these “highs,” pregnancy comes with physical changes like weight gain, increased breast size, swollen ankles, and an expanding belly. However, nothing alarms women more than seeing the “red badge of motherhood,” commonly known as stretch marks. 

Fortunately, there are solutions to this age-old problem – the stretch mark removal cream

What are Stretch Marks?

When the body starts to expand faster than the skin can keep up, the elastic fibers under the skin break and stretch marks come as a result.

The first sign is itchiness as the skin becomes thinner in the affected area. It starts as red or purple. Darker-skinned women, however, have stretch marks slightly lighter than their skin tone.

In pregnant women, stretch marks show up near the belly and breasts, the two areas that grow the most. There could be smaller stretch marks on the thighs, hips, buttocks, and upper arms.

Although unsightly, the good news is that the application of a good stretch mark removal cream can speed up the fading process. 

Stretch marks do not pose any health complications, so there is no reason to worry.

Do all Pregnant Women Get Stretch Marks?

Around 90% of women develop stretch marks after the sixth or seventh month of pregnancy, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. This period of time is when the baby’s growth spikes.

Genetics is a contributing factor. If one’s mother or older sisters had stretch marks, then a new mom will likely have them as well.

Rapid weight gain also makes one more prone to getting stretch marks. A woman gains typically about 30 pounds during the entire nine months of pregnancy. However, if the weight gain is not gradual, a woman is more likely to have stretch marks.

What is the Best Solution to Stretch Marks?

The best solution is moisturizing with a stretch mark removal cream. These are specially-formulated creams that reduce the dryness and itchiness that comes with a growing belly. 

The best time to start treatment is while the marks are still in the reddish stage. Gently massage the cream into the area for at least two minutes and reapply when necessary. Have a warm bath before applying the cream to open the pores and allow better absorption.

Expectant mothers can start using the cream to increase the elasticity of their skin. Moreover, these creams prevent the recurrence of stretch marks. 

Here are other useful tips.

  • Try drinking eight glasses of water daily. When the skin cells are hydrated, they will repair themselves more efficiently.
  • Have a healthy diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables, especially those that are rich in vitamins C, D, and E. The mineral zinc will reduce inflammation. Having more protein also strengthens the skin.
  • With guidance from one’s doctor, gain weight gradually. The big spurts will cause stretch marks. 

Being a mother will change one’s priorities in life. However, while caring for the needs of a newborn baby, it’s necessary to continue taking care of oneself. You don’t have to be discouraged by the marks on your skin. Give it some time to heal and aid the process by using stretch mark removal cream.

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