How Natural Antacids Helps To Get Rid of Heartburn and Ameliorate Digestion

Everyone suffers from stomach problems, and acid is one of the common issues that are faced by every other person. Eating junk & fast food has become a lifestyle. They are unhealthy and can cause digestion and acid problems too. Taking medicine is not a substitute for stomach problems; instead, it may make you trouble-free for a certain period only.

However, with the help of Natural Antacids, you can enjoy the pleasant dining experience. While most people reach over the chemist counter for the medicine to get some relief, these medicines often offer only temporary relief rather than permanent.

The use of drugs in doses can lead to other long-term problems. For better health and enhanced digestion, you can implement natural or home remedies and enjoy your favorite cuisine, as well.

Here is a list of natural antacids that help reduce or omit acid problems.

Aloe Vera juice – Aloe Vera is a prominent natural herb and has been used for thousands of years as a powerful multipurpose remedy. You can use Aloe Vera juice for relieving inflammation and soothing membranes in your esophagus & stomach and thereby reducing heartburn symptoms. You need to drink half a cup of Aloe Vera juice, just before your meal for better digestion.

Banana – You’re aware of the nutrition in a banana. It is recommended by doctors as a healthy diet for kids, as well. An old proverb says– an apple a day keeps the doctor away- similarly for many people, a banana will keep heartburn away. Banana has abundant fiber and potassium, and both are especially beneficial for the digestive system and helps smoothen your digestion.

Ginger – Since ancient times, ginger has been treated as a powerful natural remedy. As it helps in reducing many diseases, it also helps to keep your digestive system smooth. This root is full of antioxidants and minerals that help to prevent the uncomfortable sensations in the stomach.

Although it consists of active ingredients, be careful while consuming it.

Milk – Milk has abundant nutrients and calcium that provides energy to the human body. Alongside this, it can also help to reduce the production of stomach acid. One of the qualities of milk is that it coats the stomach lining that helps to minimize gastritis symptoms and curb acid production. 

Licorice – Many Licorice products are available, but here we are talking about licorice root tea. It has natural stomach healing properties that significantly help in relieving heartburn and improves your digestion. These roots have valuable antioxidants and phytochemicals that fight inflammation. The root is loaded with Vitamin B for your metabolism and beta carotene that combine make licorice a natural antacid. It provides long-lasting relief better than any synthetic antacid.

Garlic – Garlic, raw or cooked, is packed with antibiotics properties that help to kill pathogenic micro-organisms that commonly result in gastritis. Garlic is known as a rapid medicine for heartburn; at the same time, eating a clove or two can also get rid of heartburn. 

Baking soda – Who knew that besides helping with cooking, baking soda could be a natural remedy for acidity. Just combine half a teaspoon of baking soda in water and have it after a meal to reduce heartburn.

Always make sure to speak with your doctor. Some foods may help relieve symptoms in one person but exacerbate them in another. Make sure that your doctor is aware of the foods that you’re allergic too. They can help you come up with an individualized plan that’s suitable for your lifestyle.

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