How erection difficulties can harm your relationship?

How erection difficulties can harm your relationship copy

The erectile dysfunction is an inability of a man to achieve an erection for indulging in sexual activity. Well, it can serve as a hindrance in the bedroom. The erectile dysfunction is not only troubling for men but it can be equally devastating for the partner too. It truly undermines the relationship. It is quite a common sexual challenge which is faced by couples today and can be distressing too. More and more couples could be showing up anxiety and stress due to this sexual issue. Apart from affecting the sex life of the couple, it takes a toll into the relationship. In many of the cases, men feel ashamed about communicating about it or looking for help. Instead of that they just pull themselves away from their partners. As much uncomfortable this sexual issue might seem, it is extremely crucial to discuss the condition with your partner and seek help from an expert for your good health and also the success of the relationship.

Let’s find out the ways in which erectile dysfunction can pose difficulties in a relationship


The men quite often feel frustrated that they are not able to achieve and maintain an erection which is extremely demasculinizing for them. They actually view erection as a symbol of manliness and also fertility.

Low self esteem

When male faces issue with erection, female may worry that she is not attractive enough and her self esteem is affected. They start thinking that their partners are having affairs or are not able to get the erection because of having sex somewhere else.


The man who is suffering from impotence might feel quite embarrassed, ashamed and losses the desire to perform in bed. The person may also start denying the partner from any kind of physical, emotional attention and starts avoiding the situations where there are sexual encounters. He refuses to discuss difficulties with anyone, especially with the partner. When there is a lack of intimacy between the partners, it serves as a great source of stress.

 Lack of love

When the male partner suffers from erection weaknesses, then woman may start viewing it as a sign that her partner no longer loves her. Even the needs for understanding and also assurance are not being met at all. In fact, the loving feeling for the partner is actually being replaced by the anger, insecurity and she starts doubting herself.


The woman has the tendency to internalize the things. So, she starts blaming herself whenever there is something wrong. The first thing that woman feels when the man has erection problems is that it is her fault and there is nothing which could actually be further from the truth itself. The experts found that it is the lack of awareness among women about this sexual disorder which is the reason for the self-blame. It increases anxiety and also the feelings of hurt along with anger which becomes prominent too.


Many of the couples become reluctant to even initiate physical contact for the high-end fear of further disappointment. This may lead to a greater distance between the couple which eventually takes the toll of the relationship. However one should not make the intercourse as the determining factor as it is extremely crucial for the couple to maintain a high-end sense of intimacy.


The woman can also, feel guilty that she is doing something wrong with the partner that he no longer finds her attractive at all. When women miss intimacy, they consider this sexual dysfunction as a sign that the partner is actually having sex with someone else. If, any Reasons Woman can Feels that she can have a Low Libido Problems then Increase Female libido with allow some Changes in Your Lifestyle and Some Medications.

Elevated stress

It is quite common among couples to experience a heightened level of stress when they get the erectile dysfunction strikes. The bitterness, resentment and even the most outright of the anger may actually persist as the partners may start acting coldly and also curtly towards each other during normal routine. There might be a chance that partners resign themselves to this particular situation.

Refusal to accept

There are some couples who are avoiders. They just refuse to admit and also discuss the condition of impotence. There are few women who get so angry about this issue that they not only resort to withdrawal from the relationship but they may also demean partner or start seeking intimacy elsewhere. Although a woman doesn’t have to take the responsibility of this particular condition in the man but she can play quite an eminent role in supporting the partner for seeking most appropriate treatment.


You can cure these effects by Discussing with your Doctor and help of Alternative Medications. Medications are chemicals or compounds used to Treat, halt, or prevent disease; ease symptoms; or relief in the diagnosis of illnesses. Advances in medications have allowed doctors to cure several diseases and protect lives. After examining the signs with the doctor, the best plan of medications would be prescribed to you who can be taken orally. Some Medications for Your Sexual Life such as TestoFuel, Kamagra Viagra Oral jellyGeneric Viagra 200mg help treat erectile dysfunction (Impotence) and additional Sexual Difficulties that have physical problems.


When a person has erectile issues, then it is extremely crucial for him to actually get past the awkward of the feelings and communicate clearly with the partner.Impotence is a problem which has many solutions in today’s time. When you and partner communicates about the situation, then both of you can prevent this sexual issue from drifting you apart from each other. As men with erectile dysfunction know clearly that this is not their fault at all, thus the same thing their partners are also required to know. Remember impotence is not a crisis at all. It is just a speed bump and you can always solve it.

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