How Can Bed Bug Treatments Help You Sleep Safe?

bed bug treatment

Do you have a bed bug problem?

Bed bugs are oval, brownish, and small insects that live on mammalian blood. These parasites cannot fly but easily enter a home using you and your accessories as a carrier. It lays hundreds of very small eggs throughout its lifetime and multiplies quickly.

Bed bugs are one of the toughest infestations, which are not easy to eliminate. Despite following the protocols and safety measures, keeping the bedbug infestation and growth at bay is hard. The ultimate way to get rid of the infestation and keep your family safe is by calling in a professional bed bug treatment service.

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From?

Bed bugs are bloodsucking parasitic arthropods. These bugs live within an 8-feet radius of a human host. Generally, bed bugs travel through clothes, bags, backpacks, luggage, purses, and other soft/upholstered items. They hide in the trickiest places and make it extremely challenging to get rid of the entire colony. In fact, these bugs can also travel from one room to the other in multi-unit buildings and infest the entire community. This is why hotels, apartments, and multifamily complexes are infested by these bugs more often. Bugs enter new areas by using their accessories as carriers and start reproducing in a suitable spot. 

People with a history of frequent traveling are prone to becoming carriers of these parasites. In fact, lack of hygiene and improper choice of temporary accommodations can also be the reason behind an infestation. Not only homes but commercial properties such as hotels, restaurants, offices, etc can be infested with bed bugs. 

Ways to get rid of bed bugs

If you follow the suggestions from, you will find that you can easily control a bed bug infestation. It is not possible to get rid of the bed bugs entirely unless you seek professional help, but you can still make some progress by following the ways mentioned below.

  • Isolation of bed(s)

Bed bugs will come out when everyone is asleep. They track human movements and intend to come out when family members are in deep sleep. Hence, the prime hiding spot for these bugs are in and around the bed framework. Strip the mattress from its protective cover and the linen bed sheet. Isolate your beds, wash them with hot water for half an hour, and wash all the linens in a washer.

  • Check for eggs

Check for the eggs and nymphs of bugs present in the mattresses. Try vacuuming to remove all these eggs and nymphs. Dispose dirt collected inside the cleaner in a sealed plastic bag or burn them if possible.

  • Apply pesticides

Although it is not recommended, you can use pesticides on the bed framework and keep it in isolation.

There are some ways to intercept bugs from climbing the beds or reaching the host at night. It has been found that bed bugs die when the temperature rises to 113° Fahrenheit or 45° Celsius. Even if you heat your room, it will not kill the bugs entirely. There are other ways to follow to get rid of bugs from your home. The best is to go with a bed bug treatment service from a professional pest control agency.

Why is a professional bed bug treatment service safer?

Once you find out that your home is infested with bedbugs, you will have to find out the ideal pest control service closer to your home/office/property to get rid of the bugs. A professional approach needs to be followed to eradicate these persistent bugs.

Here is why you should be following the footsteps of a professional bed bug removal or bed bug treatment agency.

  • Expertise

A professional team will have immense experience in bed bug control. Hence, expertise matters. You will have to rely on the experience and skills a pest control team has. They know where to look and how to approach a pest infestation case. You can search online for “bed bug treatment Pittsburgh,” to find one near you.

  • Judicious pesticide use

It is not easy to use pesticides when the safety of family members is concerned. A bug infestation needs to be controlled using insecticides in the cracks, crevices, corners of furniture, etc. There is a chance of toxicity for the family members, especially the young ones. On the other hand, these infestation issues cannot be controlled or eliminated without using such chemicals. Hence, calling in the professionals will give you an extra edge. You can rest assured that insecticides will be used in the safest way possible. 

  • Professional approach

The use of the latest tools, chemicals, and the right time to imply the scientific approaches will ensure a professional service from the team you have hired. From the beginning of the service to the end, the team members will ensure no trace of chemicals is left in the closed spaces. It will be a hazard-free clean job done by the top pest control services.

  • No mess or hindrance to your daily life

It becomes tough for an office or a household to carry on the daily processes when an inexperienced team of pest control professionals is working. There is no need to worry as everything will be scheduled accordingly. It will cause the minimum hindrance to your personal and professional life. You can rest assured that the service will not have to be repeated. 

  • Cost-efficient service for your peace of mind

Those who have availed such services will tell you how peaceful it is when you hire an experienced and efficient bedbug treatment service. You can rest assured by ensuring a brilliant outcome.

Preventive Measures You Should Take

Follow these tips to get rid of bugs at home.

  • Clean linens, upholstery, bedding, more often
  • Dry them as much as possible 
  • Vacuum your rooms more often and maintain the utmost hygiene
  • Use mattress-zippered encasings and covers
  • Leave no cracks or crevasses in the wall or furniture 

Follow these precautions to stop bug infestation when you travel.

  • Check furniture in the accommodation you have chosen for marks/signs of bedbugs.
  • Maintain the utmost hygiene and only choose clean hotels to stay wherever you go.
  • Clean all your clothes after returning from a trip.


The ideal way to handle bedbug infestation is by calling a professional pest control agency. The experience and proper use of equipment will ensure the extermination of these bugs. A household or a commercial property owner can’t follow the ways to get rid of bugs. In fact, bedbugs are extremely persistent parasites. Bed bugs will not be a problem when you know which door to knock for help. Maintain the highest precautions and stop bedbugs from entering your home. Call in the professionals to keep your family safe. 

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