Healthy Habits to Follow During Pregnancy

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Managing your health during pregnancy is important because it directly affects your baby’s health, too. You want to your child to be healthy at birth and beyond, but that’s difficult to do when you’re navigating big physiological changes throughout your pregnancy. If you’d like to know some specific ways to take care of yourself and your child, read up on these healthy habits to follow during pregnancy.


One way to improve your health is to exercise consistently. This doesn’t mean you have to pound the pavement for miles every day—you can get creative, especially in the last trimesters. You can join a yoga class for pregnant women or just walk around your block once or twice a day. You’ll feel more energized, and your posture and fatigue will improve over time. Regular exercise is also one of several methods for dealing with bladder leaks while you’re pregnant. Bladder leaks are a very common problem during pregnancy. Kegel exercises can strengthen your pelvic muscles, helping you avoid leaks.


It’s vital that you hydrate for two, as well. The water you drink is used to make amniotic fluid, blood, and tissue for your baby. Plus, plenty of water translates to healthy skin and lower risk of urinary tract infections and other issues you’d rather not deal with. You don’t have to only drink water—vegetables are great sources of water, too. Lettuce and cauliflower are great examples of this; each is comprised of over 90% water.

Balance Your Eating

Another healthy habit to follow during pregnancy is to balance your diet. This doesn’t mean you should feel shame about craving more food than you’re used to eating. You’ll need to eat several hundred more calories per day to support your growing baby, and that’s ok. But you can set rules for when and how you eat in order to gain an appropriate amount of weight, which your doctor should specify. Eating small to moderate amounts of food many times throughout the day is one way to go. No matter what, avoid foods high in sugar and fat.

Get Your Calcium and Iron

Calcium and iron are two minerals to pay attention to when you’re pregnant. Women in general don’t consume enough calcium, but getting a consistent amount throughout your nine months is very important. To prevent bone loss from calcium deficiency, incorporate almonds, dark vegetables, and pasteurized dairy products into your diet. Make a habit of taking prenatal supplements to get a daily dose of iron and calcium in addition to other important minerals and vitamins that will keep you and baby healthy.

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