Healthcare heroes NFTs: aiming to revolutionize the healthcare industry

NFT healthcare revolution is just around the corner and heading towards you. But are you ready to be a part of this liberation?

The invention of the web was a means to provide a connected space for individuals where data was to be shared securely. However, as issues regarding data privacy, duplication, and segregated information are raised, individuals cannot choose how and when their data should be shared as they don’t own it. 

On the other hand, blockchain technology hands the power of ownership to the individuals so they can make informed decisions regarding how and when they should share their data. In the same way, NFTs seem to have great potential for the healthcare industry. Medical workers are already utilizing the benefits of creating, owning, and minting healthcare NFTs heroes on digital marketplaces.

But what are NFTs, and how can they help revolutionize the healthcare industry?

What are NFTs?

NFTs, also called non-fungible tokens, are data units or a kind of digital ledger stored on the blockchain that can be sold or purchased. Examples of NFT units are digital images, videos, and audio files.

How can NFTs bring revolution to the healthcare industry?

NFTs have the capability of turning the healthcare industry upside down but in a good way. It can bring proactivity among individuals by making the system personalized. Usually, sensitive data in health apps are owned by companies who earn profit by sharing it, while the people who use these services can never own that data.

However, NFTs are set to change it by bringing revolution to the digital world. 

Some of the benefits that the NFT revolution can provide to the health industry in the future are as follows:

Complete control over data sharing

In this day and age, individuals cannot control their information, nor can they choose with whom they wish to share it. However, patients and health workers owning healthcare NFTs will have exclusive rights over their underlying digital assets, and they can also benefit from selling their NFTs on the digital marketplace.

Monetize your digital asset

When you purchase some services from a company on the internet, you may never know that the company might use your data for research. So they can share it with others for marketing or other purposes while you’ll never have the chance to earn from sharing your data. 

There is also the risk that if your information is sensitive, it might be passed down and fall accidentally into the wrong hands. On the other hand, if you mint your underlying asset as NFT, you will be the sole owner of your data and will have complete privacy. You could also choose with whom and when you want to share your asset.

Trading data on the NFT marketplace

You can also earn through healthcare NFTs by contributing your information to healthcare services on the digital marketplace. Also, medical research companies can reach out to the community of patients on the digital market to gain information for research purposes or to develop new drugs or treatments. Patients holding healthcare NFTs will have the choice to trade their data in an informed manner, and they will also earn a profit by sharing that information.

Healthcare Heroes NFT are already a part of this revolution, with healthcare workers offering 10k NFT collectibles for medical staff and other NFT supporters. The project wishes to bridge the gap between the healthcare industry and the digital world by onboarding the healthcare community with health apps and medical records on web3. 

In addition, healthcare heroes NFTs are also offering multiple and unique utilities to NFT holders, such as a year-long calmapp membership and the chance to enter mini trips. It also provides Thera Gun Mini for chosen 100 NFT holders. Furthermore, the project will give 20% of its income to health-related charities.

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