Getting Old Without Getting Sick

heather_picBy Heather Ferri

The science of Kundalini Yoga has been referenced back over 5000 years.  In those times, there was nothing mystical about postures or chants, and they played a role in daily living.  The people focused on how to balance their energies by way of Kundalini.  There are 22 different schools of yoga.  In America, we have created over 200 yoga methods with the intent of financial profit.

Kundalini Yoga awakens the creative potential of a human being and it works fast.  The master, Yogi Bhajan, stated that 18 years of Hatha Yoga equals 1 year of Kundalini Yoga.  How can that be?  The complexities of movement, mantra, and breath patterns make Kundalini Yoga unique.  The rising of Kundalini energy is a natural response to yoga practice and to events in life that deeply inspire us (like seeing the birth of a child).  This energy is considered the energy of your soul.  When you experience this energy, you feel awakened, sensitive, and aware of your potential.

In Kundalini we work with prana which is the generating of energy located in the upper body, chest, heart, and rib cage.  You can practice yoga without postures, but you cannot do yoga without conscious attention to breath.  Breath can be the counterpart of the mind.  Then apana is the eliminating of energy located below the diaphragm and has a natural downward flow.  This yoga practice is designed to help you confront your negative patterns, in the interest of creating positive changes.  If you do not provoke and confront your own ego, how can you transform your negativity and build new positive habits?

The body has an enormous capacity to heal itself.  The extensive breath work in Kundalini Yoga helps oxygenate all areas of the body.  How?  Fire Breath is a technique used to detox and cleanse organs as low as the rectum and high as the brain.  In all of our teachings we have found that 95% of the population doesn’t breathe well enough for normal health.  The breath work takes discipline and time to master, but once you do, you will experience more energy, a mood shift, and better health.

Kundalini Yoga has hundreds of sets that can help any age or disability, but it also consists of thousands of medical meditations to reprogram the brain.  The meditations can help mental disorders from OCD to Bi-Polar, release negativity from the past, and create a balanced mind.  This Eastern science teaches you how to tap into your own healing powers by breath and meditation work and gives you the courage to get up each time life knocks you down.

There is research that clearly documents that doing the Kirtan Kriya in Kundalini Yoga can prevent and reverse memory loss.  A western doc tor turned Kundalini master, testified before Congress in 2003 about the amazing benefits of and research supporting this meditation and won the support of the United States Surgeon General.

Reading this research and implementing it are 2 different things.  In the last year, I have been able to document my results of doing these protocols and have watched the seniors who I teach transform to a better state of health and mind.  That means that the seniors in my group improved in energy and physical mobility, had less depression, had no flu or respiratory issues, and had an improvement in memory.  Kundalini Yoga offers a diverse range of breath work to strengthen the lungs and scientific movements that can be performed in a chair to build the nervous system and immune system.  I believe that every senior home in the United States needs to invest in a full-time Kundalini Yoga Practitioner.

Heather Ferri is Kundalini Yoga Practitioner who works with all types of health problems.  Specializing in childhood abuse and mental illness, Heather also works with Cancer, Alzheimer’s, and Depression.  Heather is a reiki master and owner of a medical device from Japan that alkalizes the water for her clients. Learn more at, call (412) 339-6468, or email

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