Functional medicine: What is it, and what can chiropractors do here?

Functional medicine can be a relatively new thing for you. But it is gradually gaining a mainstream focus due to its contribution to healthcare. Don’t confuse it with traditional medicine or the medical care system as it is entirely distinct. As you know, most physicians treat ailments or any irregularity in health through drugs or hormones. The basic approach is the same, whether someone has thyroid, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, or something else. A specialist, however, can step in to handle the severity of the condition taking a similar approach. He will also examine your body to find out the disease and prescribe some medicines.

The conventional approach can be beneficial for infection, emergencies, trauma, or acute ailments. But it may not be effective in case of chronic conditions, including allergies, digestive problem, hormonal imbalance, weak metabolism, neurological conditions, etc. A considerably sizeable American population suffers from these health issues every day, and it’s the functional medicine that can help them. You may be wondering what makes this approach unique. Here are a few points to address your curiosity.

Understanding functional medicine


Functional medicine emphasizes that all human beings have different genetic and biochemical makeup, and hence, it focuses on the individuals and not their medical condition in the treatment. It works on the natural healing systems of the body instead of disease.

Holistic approach

It takes a holistic approach in the treatment as it realizes that whatever occurs in our bodies can be an impact of how different parts function. Hence, it studies the connection between various body parts closely to understand its functioning. Even science also stresses the need to peer into the network of relationships in the body.

Natural healing

The functional medicine practitioners believe that the human body can regulate itself through maintaining the balance of the different systems. It is capable of healing itself and fighting aging-related issues. They also describe that being healthy is about vitality and not only about freedom from disease.

Therefore, from this, it is clear that functional medicine looks at the root cause of the problem and doesn’t stop at the disease. It tries to understand why a patient is not able to perform a function, why such an issue happened, etc. And based on the overall analysis, the practitioner suggests diet, lifestyle, and environment so that your body can respond effectively and heal. 

Understanding the relationship between chiropractors and functional medicine

Chiropractic care is a part of functional medicine as it aims to improve the overall functioning of the body through maximizing the tools. Some chiropractors follow the path of functional medicine by providing nutritional consulting, lifestyle guidance, massages, and acupuncture to ensure the best health for their patients. The functional medicine chiropractors take an integrated approach to treat even complex diseases like fibromyalgia, fatigue syndrome, and so on. 

If you are suffering from any chronic pain or illness, consider taking the help of chiropractic care and functional medicine for improvement. For this, you can go to a reputable center, such as Active Edge Chiropractic and Functional Medicine or somewhere else.

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