Forbes Regional Hospital Adds Digital Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Capabilities To Comprehensive Breast Care Services

Forbes Regional Hospital is now offering women in the eastern suburbs access to direct digital stereotactic breast biopsy services, an advanced, non-surgical method of biopsying a breast abnormality to determine if it is cancerous.

Forbes Regional’s new stereotactic biopsy technology is connected to one of the hospital’s three state-of-the-art full-field General Electric digital mammography units, providing women with the most advanced capabilities available for early breast cancer detection.

“This technology greatly improves our ability to detect breast cancer and ultimately expedite treatment for the disease if it is present,” said William Poller, MD, Director of Breast Imaging for the West Penn Allegheny Health System.  “The direct digital images are far superior to conventional stereo images.”

Dr. Poller said another advantage of Forbes Regional’s digital mammography and stereotactic biopsy unit is the enhanced level of comfort it affords patients.

The stereotactic unit can accommodate women of any size and patients are able to either lie down or sit during the procedure, an option that can be particularly helpful for older women and those with arthritis, back or other health problems.

“As a result, exams can be performed quickly, effectively and more accurately with few retakes,” Dr. Poller said.

“Forbes Regional has a long history of providing outstanding women’s health services. The investment in advanced technology and resources like digital mammography and stereotactic breast biopsy is a clear sign that we fully intend to continue that tradition,” said Reese Jackson, President and CEO of Forbes Regional Hospital.

In early January, West Penn Allegheny Health System and Highmark Inc., announced plans to open a new state-of-the-art Breast Care Center at Forbes Regional as part of a major investment in the hospital’s programs and facilities.   The new center is expected to open in the Summer of 2012.

Forbes Regional currently offers breast imaging services during the work week, and for the convenience of working women, Saturday hours are available for screening mammograms.  Screening exams are reviewed by the radiologist the following day, and results are available to patients or the ordering physician.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, a screening mammogram can be performed and interpreted immediately while the patient waits.   Diagnostic studies on symptomatic patients are also performed on these days, including all non-surgical breast biopsy procedures (whether done by the stereotactic unit or by ultrasound guidance).

Those who would like to schedule a breast imaging appointment or consultation at Forbes Regional can call 412-858-2380.

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