Exercises You Can Do While Wearing a Catheter

Exercises You Can Do While Wearing a Catheter

When you start wearing a catheter, you’ll likely have many questions, including whether you can exercise when you have a catheter. The answer you may be surprised to learn is yes. There are still ones that you can do to stay fit and active. Although there may be limits, here are some exercises you can do while wearing a catheter.


Although running while wearing a catheter isn’t impossible, it can lead to unnecessary pain that you could have avoided. Instead, it might be better for you to choose a less strenuous exercise like walking that will provide you with much more comfort.

When you exercise, make sure that you secure your catheter to prevent yourself from pulling it out. You should also ensure that you drink enough water to avoid dehydration, infections, or blockages.

Lifting Weights

Another exercise you can do while wearing a catheter is lifting light weights. Heavy weightlifting can put pressure on your bladder, but the lighter weight will give you safer and more gentle exercise so that you can stay active. But make sure that you check with your doctor regarding how much you should be safely lifting.


You also should explore rowing when using a catheter. The exercise gives users a total body workout and allows them to strengthen their lower and upper body, core, and leg muscles as they work. It can also help you improve your stamina and strengthen your heart.


You have the option of doing yoga for exercise while wearing a catheter as well. Instead of choosing a more vigorous exercise, you can go for this. It can help you improve your blood flow and warm up muscles with slow movements and deep breathing. Yoga can also lower your stress and inflammation, giving you a stronger heart.

Although you may feel your life has changed since you started using a catheter, it doesn’t mean you must stop exercising. These activities can help keep you healthy as you enter a temporary or new phase of your life.

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