E-Cigarettes and Vaping – A Closer Look

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When was the first time you came across the term vaping? Were you going through the glossary of newly added words in the Oxford Dictionary? Or were you attempting to quit smoking for the umpteenth time when a well-wisher mentioned the word vaping? Regardless of when you were introduced to the term for the first time, you would surely want to take a closer look at vaping. Considered by many as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are the way to go if you have been struggling with the harmful effects of smoking. 

Vaping has cast several positive effects on teens and people shifting from cigarette smoking to other means of puffing away. These days, it’s common to find vapers everywhere. At airports, in malls, other public places, picnics, just about everywhere. Read on to know about this helpful way of quitting cigarettes and getting away from the dangerous impacts of smoking tobacco.

Increasing Popularity of Vaping

Vaping is said to be a revolution for people looking towards effective means of smoking cessation. Globally, people have recognized the after-effects of smoking and the bad effects of the same on their health. Be it in terms of chronic respiratory diseases or life-threatening ailments such as cancer, smoking has shown what it is capable of inflicting its users with. Moreover, regular smoking is a big burden on the pocket as a pack of cigarettes does not come cheap. Added to the cost of cigarettes is the expenditure related to the treatment of health problems brought about by regular smoking. This is why more and more smokers looking for sound means of shifting from their smoking habits are gravitating towards vaping. 

Because vaping is a comparatively new act for many, questions are raised towards its safety and efficacy. According to users and health watchers, vaping does not have any serious side effects and is recommended for those who are finding it difficult to give up on their smoking habits. Another important factor contributing to the popularity of e-cigarettes is the fun element involved in their usage. As there are other ingredients mixed with varying percentages of nicotine in e-cigarettes, it is possible for users to choose their e-juices as per their nicotine requirements. These days, the benefits of vaping are coming to the fore with users talking about their experiences in a more positive note. 

What are e-Cigarettes?

When you set your eyes on an electronic cigarette for the first time you may be intrigued to see its design. This battery-operated appliance can serve as the perfect alternative to paper-rolled, traditional cigarettes. Also termed as vaporizers or e-cigs, the product is revolutionary in the world of smokers as it fails to emit any smoke. Generally, e-cigarette comprises a liquid combination of glycerin, propylene glycol, added flavors, as well as a varying percentage of nicotine as desired. All these ingredients form the e-juice that is packed in the form of a detachable cartridge. An atomizer, the cartridge, and a battery make up for the physical constitution of the electronic cigarette. 

How do e-Cigarettes Work?

Once the air is sucked in via the mouthpiece of the e-cigarette, the heat starts getting generated in the atomizer. This heat is essential for vaporizing the liquid present in the cartridge for creating the vapor. This vapor provides the sensation of smoking to the user when inhaled. Once you understand the ingredients that go into the making of e-cigarettes and the benefits of vaping over smoking, you will find it easy to make the shift. Several smokers have quit their habit of smoking after being introduced to the goodness of vaping. 

Advantages of Vaping 

The e-cigarette industry is making raging profits with every passing year. This may surprise most people as vaping is considered as a cheaper and healthier alternative to smoking. If we ascertain the financial comparisons related to these modes of consuming nicotine, it is clear that traditional cigarettes make consistent and frequent contributions to the tobacco industry. This is because smokers have to keep purchasing new packs of cigarettes every time they finish their existing ones. On the contrary, e-cigarettes necessitate a one-time bigger investment in the vaping kit. The apparatus needed for vaping comes at a cost that may compare to a carton of your preferred cigarettes. 

Thereafter, the recurring costs lie in liquid refills as well as additional cartridges that are not as expensive as a full pack of cigarettes. There is another cost attached to e-cigarettes. Suppose you choose to smoke cannabis in lieu of nicotine then the costs would be different. Rather than the costs, more users are talking about the seemingly good health benefits of vaping in comparison to smoking.

Possible Health Effects of Vaping

A lot of research is underway to determine the potential benefits of vaping in terms of the health of users. There are several lab-based results that establish the efficiency of vaping in making people quit smoking altogether. The period of cessation is different in the case of different smokers in accordance with their determination to quit. It is believed that e-cigarettes may serve as helpful alternatives to nicotine patches as well. 

Health circles are abuzz with discussions pertaining to the benefits of vaping in generating fewer carcinogens in comparison to traditional cigarettes. 

Another important benefit of vaping is that the second-hand smoke passed to others in the vicinity is not as harmful and offensive as that emitted by regular cigarettes. Though there are negligible side effects of vaping they are significantly less harmful. Resultantly, you will find vapers going about their activities in more closed environments than cigarette smokers. The absence of pungent smells making vaping more acceptable to non-smokers as well. 

Make the Shift to Vaping 

Thinking any longer about making the shift to vaping is futile if you’re serious about quitting your smoking habit. You may want to research more about the other benefits of vaping to understand why it is an important investment for you. Once you start moving away from regular cigarettes, you will find an increase in your energy levels and overall health conditions.

Do not linger on your decision to buy the vaping kit and get started with your decision to buy an e-cigarette kit. Get going, today!

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