Dr. Michael Everest: Working for a Brighter Future Through Medical Research

In this article, we will introduce you to a man who, through his father’s legacy, is helping to further the reaches of medical research to those who are underserved in our communities. 

Dr. Michael Everest and the Everest Foundation are a shining beacon of hope helping medical communities provide needed equipment for hospitals, place medical students in residency, and provide scholarships for those who may be able to afford medical education. 

The Importance of Medical Research

Medical research is a vast field of study which encompasses disciplines such as biology, chemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, and virology. Through the study of these branches of science, new medical techniques, medications, and even theoretical models of medical solutions are developed and tested.

The importance of this medical research helps us to better understand the processes of the human body and the many ailments that can occur. Medical research introduces and cultivates more efficient and effective solutions for diseases and injuries in the form of vaccines, surgical techniques, and much more. 

 The Legacy of Dr. Edwin Everest

Dr. Edwin Everest was a prominent educator and doctor in the medical field who taught graduate-level medical school. He understood the problem that some vulnerable populations in the United States were experiencing a shortage of physicians and sought a solution. 

One of the major problems that medical education experiences is the phenomenon of “residency bottlenecking,” Many medical students reach the residency phase of their career and must then compete for only a few spots at open teaching hospitals. Dr. Everest sought to alleviate this issue by funding more residency positions and teaching hospitals, especially in underserved areas. 

Another reason why this trend in medical education did not support those medical students with less opportunity is that less than 30% of students applying for residency actually have desired experience. Dr. Everest wanted to provide these particular students with opportunities in medical research to boost their resumes and gain access to the next step in their education. 

His desire was to optimize medical residency programs and teaching hospitals so that areas that were particularly in need of doctor staffing were accommodated. When he passed away in 2008, The Everest Foundation was established as a tribute to Dr. Edwin Everest with the spirit of his life’s goal as their mission statement and a focus on research in the cardiac and type I diabetes disciplines.

Carrying on His Father’s Work

Dr. Michael Everest followed closely in the footsteps of his father, Dr. Edwin Everest, by attending medical school in England and moving on to work as a physician in three different prominent hospitals. He also served in a military hospital in Malta and then became a consultant physician at medical facilities all over England. 

After his father passed away, Dr. Michael Everest became Chairman of the Everest Foundation, which had been established as his father’s legacy. He continues to oversee the important works of the foundation, which carries out the need to support the medical communities for underprivileged areas. 

Not only does the Everest Foundation support medical research, doctoral fellows, and medical residency programs, it also provides scholarships for medical students from third world countries who may not have the ability to pay for medical school. 

In some of the recent works, the Everest Foundation has donated a significant amount of money to support veteran caregivers and provide necessary personal protective equipment and oxygen for hospitals in India. 

 Part of the Cure

 The main goal that Dr. Michael Everest has set for the Everest Foundation is to be “Part of the Cure.” The foundation provides medical students with connections to the best medical schools and medical research programs to aid innovative minds and brilliant future doctors to make their valuable contributions to the medical society for the benefit of all.

The Everest Foundation is a global non-profit organization based out of Los Angeles, California, which provides medical research training and scholarships for medical students and addresses especially underserved communities’ needs at a student and physician level. 

Dr. Michael Everest and the Everest Foundation bring a unique approach to furthering the great cause of modern medicine by building relationships with local partners, investing in the medical industry by supporting low-income medical students, and strengthening medical institutions with the best and brightest students and physicians no matter their financial situation. 

 Paving the Way for a Better Medical Field

 With the aid of Dr. Michael Everest, the Everest Foundation has accomplished and continues to accomplish many outstanding victories for medical education and the support of those most in need. 

By providing scholarships, medical research opportunities, and focusing on the underprivileged communities both in the United States and abroad, the Everest Foundation is truly embodying the life’s mission of its namesake, Dr. Edwin Everest, and bringing the miracle of medicine to those who need it most. 

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