Don’t Eat That!

Gloria Askew and Jerre Paquette

Health experts bust nutritional myths in new book

Avoid carbs, limit calories, don’t eat meat and watch the sugar. Every day, consumers are bombarded by numerous messages regarding food and health. So what are we actually supposed to be eating, and how do we know what to believe?

According to renowned health experts Jerre Paquette, PhD. and Gloria Askew, RRN, it’s time to ditch the long lines at the doctor’s office, forget false advertising claims, and take responsibility for your own health.

In their provocative new book, Eat To Save Your Lifeir?t=smorga 20&l=as2&o=1&a=1452545642, best-selling authors Paquette and Askew sort through the piles of information and misinformation about nutrition to reveal the true connection between food and health. Fed up with the advertising hype and conflicting nutritional advice, the duo provides common sense explanations for consumers everywhere who are looking to make smart nutritional choices.

The book calls attention to the perfect storm—false advertising messages, marketers who promote foods and food supplements of suspect nutritional value, physicians unable to effectively advise on nutritional matters, and hordes of uninformed, vulnerable consumers who have become confused by the marketing hype and conflicting information.

And for those who think food supplements are the best choice– think again.

Eat to Save Your Life also arms readers with the basics for smart nutrition, including ten questions consumers need to ask before mindlessly ingesting food supplements.

Dr. Paquette is an award-winning university instructor with nearly 50 years of experience in education and research. A retired registered nurse, Askew has been studying nutrition for decades and is a respected authority on nutrition and supplements, along with an advocate for better health through informed nutrition. Together, Askew and Paquette are a fearsome duo, passionate about spreading their knowledge and encouraging consumers to take preventive and proactive measures regarding their health.

Eat to Save Your Life
By Gloria Askew, RRN and Jerre Paquette, PhD
ISBN: 978-1-4525-4563-9
Available through and

About the authors:
As an award-winning university instructor whose international career has energized classrooms from kindergarten to university, Dr. Jerre Paquette brings 46 years of teaching and research expertise to the writing of Eat to Save Your Life. As far back as 1967, Paquette noticed the startling connection between nutrition and classroom learning, including the correlation between good nutrition and higher grades. He actively teaches his students about the importance of nutrition to their academic performance, insisting that they have a healthy breakfast before entering his classroom, and banning junk food of any kind. Throughout his career, Paquette has pleaded with school systems to enhance the presence of nutritional education in the yearly curriculums. He remains perplexed why such a need is slow to gain favor. His own independent research into nutrition led Paquette to one of Askew’s seminars, where he discovered the down-to-earth, usable information he had been seeking.

As a retired registered nurse who has studied nutrition for decades, taught nutrition in medical clinics and hospitals, and lectured around the world, Gloria Askew, RRN has established herself as an authority in the field of nutrition. Askew became interested in the link between food and health during her nursing career, as she became increasingly frustrated that many medical treatments focused on the symptoms rather than the root cause of the illness. Upon further research, Askew came to the conclusion that the medical profession was failing to embrace the proactive possibilities of nutritional education. She is now an international lecturer dedicated to empowering individuals to make informed nutritional decision.

Previously, the duo have published Secrets of Supplements: The Good, The Bad, The Totally Terrific. For more information on their work, visit

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