Donating Your Car to a Utah Charity: Why You Should Teach Your Kids the Value of Giving

Based on last year’s ranking, Utah is considered the second happiest state in the country. The people in this state are also considered one of the most charitable in the whole country, too. With these facts, you can say that Utah’s happy disposition is a likely outcome of their giving nature.  

If you search online to donate car Utah or charities and cause-oriented groups in Utah, you will find many groups with different advocacies. 

If you want to embrace the happy and giving vibe of Utah, you can copy what they are doing. And if you want your kids to learn the same value, it is a great idea to start exposing them to charitable acts now. 

Kids learn faster

Whether it is learning a new skill, a new subject matter, or a life value, kids are faster learners than most adults. Kids are better learners because their prefrontal cortex is more developed than adults. This part of their brain is responsible for storing working memory. 

With their prefrontal cortex being fully-developed, kids see things in a creative light. Adults, for example, may see a broomstick as it is. Kids, on the other hand, may see this as a javelin stick. Kids’ creativity is attributed to the prefrontal cortex that gives them the ability to be inventive and flexible. The kids’ minds are designed for learning, while the adults’ brains are powered for performing. 

If you expose young kids to charitable causes like donate a car in Utah, they will get a better understanding of the value of giving. And in the process, you embed compassion and charity in their young minds. When they grow up, lending a hand to those in need can be as natural as a reflex. 

Children learn from what they see: Do charitable acts together

It is quite hard to sway older people to support charitable causes if they are not totally on board with the idea. They will only help when they want to. With kids, you can explain and show them why they need to be compassionate to others. They get to adapt to a giving lifestyle that when they grow up, no one has to force them to start helping those in need. 

Aside from volunteering to a local charity, you and your kids can start a simple charity project. You can involve them in finding a charity wherein you can donate your unused or spare car. This kind of charity work is less complicated, so it is a great starting point for the kids. 

You can ask your kids to help you shortlist charities you can support. Give each of them a specific role so that they will feel that they are involved. For example, you can assign your eldest child to do online research for organizations that accepts car donation. On the other hand, you can delegate the task of listing the donation requirements and steps to your other child. 

After finding the right organization, all of you can prepare the car for pick-up. Aside from teaching your kids the value of giving, you also get to bond with them over a worthwhile activity. 

The Takeaway

As the saying goes, charity starts at home. If you teach your kids the right values, they will radiate these in the world. If these kids are loved and exposed to charitable giving, it will be easy for them to share what they have. And if more and more parents start teaching their kids compassion at home, soon, there will be more givers than the 600 million people living in poverty. 

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