Does Amber Bracelet Soothe Teething Pain?

Teething is hard on any member of the family especially the little one. It wrecks the baby, as one minute they are full of cheer and joy. The next they are drooling, wailing and in piles of pain. As a parent, you feel the pain of the child and want to try every available product to soothe the baby’s pain. One can consider amber products to calm the baby and have some quiet and peace. But you may ask, does this really soothe the pain the baby goes through? Below we highlight instances where amber items can soothe teething pain:

1. Balances mood swings 

During teething, a child is fussy all the time. One can use the amber teething bracelet as it has a calming effect and soothing metaphysical properties. It balances the chaos of fluctuating hormones in a child thus beneficial while they are teething. The toddler becomes calm and doesn’t throw tantrums when experiencing teething pain. They can sleep soundly thus making sure one has peace during the night or day nap time.

2. Minimizes inflation and relieve pain.

Amber bracelets have anti-inflammatory properties. This soothes the baby’s teething pain and drooling effects. However, one should check their toddler as the bracelet is not meant for chewing. It releases a microscopic amount of succinic acid in oil when warmed by the body temperature. Later, it’s absorbed into the bloodstream via the skin. Due to its natural regeneration, Baltic amber is able to generate self-healing 

3. Reduce teething and colic pain

Amber teething bracelet eliminates the need for repeated dosing of synthetic medication using its myriad side effects. It’s a reusable item that is cost-effective upon buying. You can add the bracelet to your toddler’s daily routine and let it work all day. It’s a simple way to reduce multiple symptoms of teething that causes the child to be fussy. One can also use them to relieve teething symptoms. 

4. Select an appealing color

Toddlers are distracted by anything beautiful and fancy. Amber bracelet comes in six great colors namely polished cognac, polished multi-four color, polished honey, raw honey, raw multi-four color, and raw cherry. Choosing either of the colors can keep your child busy trying to figure out what they have on their hand. However, these bracelets need to be used under close adult supervision. Prevent them from placing it in the mouth because the beads are a choking hazard.

5. Boost immune system 

During teething, children tend to diarrhea and in the process lose a lot of body fluid. This may weaken their immune system. One can use an amber bracelet to build their child’s immunity. The antioxidant and biochemical nature of amber items reinforces the body to rejuvenate. The child will become stronger and wiser. 


We can say that amber bracelets soothe a child. This is the happiness of any parent. However, when helping a child minimize teething pain, a parent should maintain the safety of the child. It’s vital that you buy a product that comes with a certificate of authenticity to avoid being duped into buying a bogus product. The bracelet is to be used under supervision. To prevent choking, one should see to make sure that each bead is knotted individually and has a breakaway clasp. Take the bracelet of while sleeping or in a chlorine pool as this may cut the efficiency of the amber bracelet.  

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