Doctor Emphasizes Spending More on Prevention for #1 Killer of Americans

image001Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of Americans today, despite the fact that it is preventable 90% of the time, reveals physician Dr. Steven Masley, president of The Masley Optimal Health Center, in his new book THE 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP: A Breakthrough Medical Plan to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease (Center Street/Hachette Book Group; February 14, 2014; $25.00.) In THE 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP, Dr. Masley teaches readers how to discover potential and existing threats to their cardiovascular health and how to prevent heart failure.

Dr. Masley wrote THE 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP to enable readers to prevent heart disease and strokes–and how to reverse cardiovascular disease if you have it. This book will arm readers with the tools to build the strongest heart possible.

Dr. Masley’s approach emphasizes prevention. Over the years, as a resident and then as a physician, Dr. Masley has volunteered in more than 15 impoverished countries. He discovered that most of the time, the human body has the capacity to heal itself without high technology, specialized drugs, or risky procedures and surgeries. These unique experiences led Dr. Masley to view healing from a different perspective than many of his medical colleagues in the United States and he has developed a different understanding as to why cardiovascular disease remains the #1 cause of death in the United States, despite the fact that it is preventable 90% of the time.

Teaching readers to shrink arterial plaque, improve circulation, manage stress, eat heart-healing foods, and strengthen the heart and arteries through specific exercises, Dr. Masley improves on the traditional method of preventing heart disease. By evaluating more factors in a holistic way, rather than the one-dimensional measurement of cholesterol levels, THE 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP is an answer to the epidemic of heart disease.

The good news is that everyone—regardless of size, genetics, gender, or age—can treat arterial plaque and prevent heart attacks and strokes.

Along with medically sound advice to reduce cardiovascular risk without surgery, drugs, invasive tests, or expensive trips to the doctor, Dr. Masley provides a scientifically proven plan to reduce plaque in the arteries plus recipes that include heart-healthy foods and an exercise regimen that will strengthen the heart. Best of all, his plan produces results in as little as 30 days.

“As a physician, I find our state of affairs incredibly frustrating,” writes Dr. Masley.  “Nationally, we spend far too much money on procedures for a problem that is preventable, should be diagnosed earlier, and is best treated with lifestyle changes. We often don’t act until a heart attack or stroke occurs, and by then it’s often too late. For too many people, the first symptom of heart disease is sudden death—they don’t get another chance to change anything.”

Studies published in the American Journal of Cardiology show that we devote less than 10% of our health‐care dollars for cardiovascular disease on prevention and medical management and more than 90% on procedures and hospital care. We head down this wrong road because today’s paradigm doesn’t target the real cause of heart disease and cardiovascular events. The truth is, until now, we have not gotten to the heart of the matter. Yet despite the bleak scenario described above, there is a solution. THE 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP can save you and your loved ones from most forms of cardiovascular disease.

THE 30-DAY HEART TUNE-UP is based on Dr. Masley’s life’s work. He has devoted every hour of every day to making his patients’ lives and hearts better without having to resort to surgery or other invasive procedures.

About the Author:

Steven Masley, M.D., F.A.A.F.P., C.N.S., F.A.C.N., C.C.D., is a board- certified and fellow certified physician and nutritionist, a health researcher, speaker, author, and trained chef. Over the past fifteen years, he has won acclaim for helping hundreds of patients reverse Type II diabetes and eliminate the symptoms of cardiovascular disease.

Currently, he is the President for the Masley Optimal Health Center, the medical director for the Ten Years Younger ProgramTM, and has a clinical appointment with the University of South Florida. He is also an instructor for the Lasting Leadership training at Eckerd College and teaches programs at the Center for Leadership with Sykes College of Business at the University of Tampa.


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