Disagreement over the TV Volume Setting

87499315By Rich Filar

Disagreement over the television setting can be problematic even in families where no one has hearing loss, so it is no great surprise that this is a great issue among families with one or more hearing impaired members. Market research shows that enhancing the television viewing situation was rated the most desired improvement in terms of wireless capabilities.

Many in the hearing healthcare industry predict that overcoming the obstacle of an inconvenient gateway device would represent a breakthrough for the industry and for users.

The ReSound Unite TV Streamer accessory is such a breakthrough- it connects to the audio output of a television or other audio device and transmits the sound directly to the hearing instruments. The hearing instrument program used for audio streaming can have the hearing instrument microphones turned off or on according to whether the user also wants to be able to hear and converse with others while listening to the streamed sound.

Rich Filar

The delay in transmission of the sound from the Unite TV Streamer to the ReSound Alera hearing instruments is critical for sound quality. The delay in the streamed sound to the ReSound Alera is 18 ms, which is the lowest of current technologies in hearing instruments. Delays exceeding 25 to 30 ms can be perceived as clear echoes when direct sound is also audible to the wearer. At 18 ms delay range it can actually be beneficial for the wearer in terms of speech recognition.  The Unite TV Streamer accessory delivers great transmission range with no intermediate device and great sound quality.

The hearing impaired wearing Alera hearing aids can listen to the volume of the television at the volume they wish while still being able to engage in a conversation with their family members. No more TV volume disagreements!

For more information, visit www.gnresound.com.

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