Different Types of Cosmetic Dentistry in Vancouver to Consider

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With cosmetic surgeries and procedures becoming ever so advanced, many people are taking the advantage to change their appearances. Changing our bodies has never been easier. If someone is looking to improve their appearance, one of the first procedures that can be considered is cosmetic dentistry. 

To change yellow, skew, or missing teeth one can consider a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures to ensure a whiter and healthier smile. There is a big misperception that these kinds of procedures are extremely costly. Even though some procedures are quite expensive, there are a variety of different options you can choose from; all in different affordability and budget ranges. 

Over the years, cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular. More people are running towards surgeons to help alter their appearances to achieve a higher self confidence and exterior appeal. To help you make the right decision when considering a type of cosmetic dental procedure, we’ve conducted a full guide on the types available in Vancouver: 


Children especially have been turning to braces to help them straighten their teeth. Luckily, dental technology has improved greatly over the years and children, same as adults, don’t have to resort to strenuous and hurtful metal braces. 

Subtle alternative options include:

  • Clear aligners: also known as the invisible brace, clear aligners sit comfortably over the teeth like a mouth guard. It can go almost completely unnoticed if not looked at directly
  • Ceramic braces: they serve the same purpose as metal braces with the only difference that they are designed to blend in with the teeth. Taking on the color of natural teeth
  • Lingual braces: instead of these braces being attached to the front of the tooth, it is hidden on the inside of the mouth and at the back of the tooth

Braces, no matter what kind, can be quite uncomfortable. It can take between 6-24 months for the process to be finished. It’s therefore important to take advice from your dentist to ensure that the process goes according to plan and aren’t further extended. 

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Many people feel insecure about the color of their teeth. Yellow or brown teeth aren’t very appealing, and because of this people have stopped smiling. Luckily, teeth whitening procedures can help dazzle up a smile in no time. 

The procedure has become increasingly popular amongst celebrities and people between ages 18-34. Almost a third of those who have started teeth whitening will do it at least once a week.

There are two ways you can achieve pearly whites: either by using a home whitening kit or visiting an experienced Vancouver dentist like those found on this site: https://draminzadeh.com for high-tech laser whitening treatment.  

It’s important to remember that cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Trying out different home whitening kits can cause much more damage to your enamel. Ask your dentist for recommendations before applying different unknown gels. 


Veneers can be applied directly over teeth. They are usually made from porcelain and are tooth-colored, white, and thin. Veneers are an excellent dentistry tool in that they can change the shape and size of teeth and even close gaps. Because they are custom built, they can be designed with a specific tooth color to cover up any dental flaws. 

Investing in veneers won’t cost you as much as other dental cosmetic procedures. It is one of the cheapest treatments for a complete dental makeover. Patients can decide whether they only want a veneer for one single-problem tooth or an entire set of teeth. 

It must be noted, that once you decide to get this procedure done it will be forever. The process is irreversible, since it requires removing a thin layer of tooth enamel from each tooth on which the veneer will be permanently placed. After 10-20 years, patients will have to replace veneers. Learn more about veneers by watching this video.

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Composite veneers are a more affordable option which serves the same purpose as porcelain veneers. Instead of applying a cover over the tooth, a composite is a soft material that is built on top of the tooth. The soft material is hardened through a process known as bonding. It’s not as long lasting as porcelain veneers and doesn’t look as natural, but it’s a cheaper option in severe cases. 

Alternatively, patients can choose ‘snap-on’ veneers that are little white tooth-shaped clips that can be attached over the tooth. It’s an instant smile makeover
but not a permanent solution. 


Dental implants can be very painful, but it is a permanent, strong, and durable solution. For patients who have lost a tooth in an accident or who have a few teeth missing, for whatever reason, this procedure is the perfect go-to. 

Designed to look exactly like your natural teeth, the implant is inserted directly into the jawbone. Using a tooth crown the clever implant is attached with an abutment. Depending on how many teeth you want to replace, you can either decide on individual implants or a bridge of 3-4 teeth. 

When looked after well, teeth implants can last more than 15 years. Finding a practice that have many in-house dentists who specialize in different aspects of dentistry will make your experience much better when getting this cosmetic procedure done. You’ll be able to visit a dentist that can keep an eye on your healing progress as well as go for regular visits to a dentist who can advise ways to maintain your implants. 


This is a smart and permanent solution to tooth loss, like teeth implants. An all-on four dental implant is perfect to replace multiple teeth on the bottom or upper arch. Made from sturdy titanium posts, posts are created for both upper and bottom arches. These posts act as roots that are fixed into the jawbone. Crowns that are shaped and colored like natural teeth are then secured into the roots. 

The great thing about this procedure is that the replacements are very realistic, and they can function exactly like real teeth. No one will ever know that they aren’t your own. 

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Dentures have been around for a very long time. Usually associated with elders who keep them in a glass full of water on their bedside tables, dentures are now for everyone. With dental technology changing and improving, dentures are looking more realistic as well as feeling more comfortable. 

More affordable dentures are known as economy types which is made from a cheaper material. The denture itself isn’t customized and it holds a kind of one-size-fits all shape. On the flipside, there are customized dentures available that is made from a more durable material that is best fitted to your mouth and gums. 

Regardless of what cosmetic dentistry procedure you opt for, there is something that suits everyone’s budget and needs. Check out these before and after pictures from cosmetic surgery patients who are smiling wider than ever: https://www.webmd.com/oral-health/ss/slideshow-cosmetic-dentistry.

Only these few before and after photos are a clear indication that gorgeous results can be achieved. You won’t be disappointed in the end results. In the end, spending some extra money on a white smile is definitely worth it.  

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