Delay the Disease is a ‘Movement’ at Providence Point

Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease requires a mix of medication, therapies, and lifestyle changes dependent on each person’s needs. Now coming to Providence Point, Delay the Disease is offering a dynamic treatment through exercise with a focus on Parkinson’s-specific movements to combat disease symptoms. 

Delay the Disease is an 8-week program led by Certified Personal Trainer, Jeannine Hartman. She leads participants through moves that mimic daily actions: getting in and out of a car, standing up and sitting down in a chair and walking. The exercises focus on the core, brain and cardiovascular system for the participants. 

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During the 8-week program, Hartman works with each person to learn their strengths and weaknesses and when/how to encourage the person to reach their potential, plus maintain improvement in balance and stability. The evidence-based fitness program is designed to optimize physical function and help delay the progression of symptoms associated with Parkinson’s disease.

Notably, the fitness class adapts to help alleviate symptoms as well. This includes altered balance, bradykinesia (slowing of all movements), depression, diminished voice volume, freezing, masked facial expressions, stiffness, stopped posture, and walking/gait. Hartman’s targeted strategies not only help empower each individual in the class, but also provides the opportunity for social interaction with others who have similar challenges.

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