Debunking Some of the Top Myths about Hearing Loss

Just because no one has told you that you have hearing loss doesn’t mean that you don’t. That’s a  common misconception and the best thing to do is do a hearing test and be 100% certain.

This is just one of many misconceptions around hearing hold. In this post, we will explore several of these misconceptions and myths, highlighting what is truth and what is myth

  • Hearing Loss is an Old-People Problem

It is indeed true that age-related hearing loss is one of the most common types of hearing losses.  The hearing problems result from the structure of the ear changing as we age.

There are however, many other causes of hearing loss not tied in any way to age. It can happen suddenly at any age, because of, say, disease. Similarly, noise-induced hearing loss can affect anyone at any age.

  • You Would Have Noticed by Now

Hearing loss, especially if it develops gradually over time, may be quite easy to miss.  Some people experience sudden hearing loss, in which case, it may be much easier to notice compared to gradual loss over a long time.

Gradual hearing loss follows a pattern. You may start with having difficulty hearing people while speaking over the phone, and feeling the need to turn the volume up on the  radio or TV. Even if you, and others around you don’t notice these changes right away, such may be the sequence of events.

  • Hearing Loss cannot be Helped

Such a defeatist stance this one, and it couldn’t be any further from the truth. This may have been true many years ago, but advances in technology and modern medicine have ensured that you don’t have resign yourself to hearing loss in either or both of your ears.

Enter the wonder that is hearing aids. Get quality hearing aids and have them adjusted accordingly when need be and you can look forward to enjoying a great hearing experience.

  • If your Hearing Loss is not Severe, you can Put off Wearing Hearing Aids

The longer you wait to get help managing your hearing loss, the worse it will get. If neglected, mild hearing loss can quickly progress to severe hearing loss over time. As with any other condition, early intervention is crucial.

In reality, your brain will eventually stop recognizing sound from the lack of simulation in your brain’s auditory system.  It is for this reason that hearing aids may not be all that much to you if you wait too long to get them. The good news is that the brain is so powerful and can easily relearn, which is why you will benefit greatly from not only getting hearing aids sooner rather than later, but also by wearing and using them more often.

  • Hearing Loss will not Affect Other Parts of the  Body

Hearing loss will certainly impact your life, in that not being able to communicate well will affect your relationships and work life. But it certainly doesn’t stop there.

Several studies have tied hearing loss to fatigue, stress, anxiety, depression and  a general deterioration or decline in both physical and cognitive health.

While it is certainly not a life-threatening condition, there is no denying the impact hearing loss can have on your overall health. It is therefore imperative to seek professional help as soon as possible, by starting with a hearing test to confirm the hearing loss and following the instructions given by your hearing care provider.

  • Everything will Sound too Loud with Hearing Aids

This misconception is one of several reasons why some people with hearing loss want to stay clear of using hearing aids. Except for the fact that there is simply no truth to this statement.

Hearing aids of today come with advanced sound processing and great noise-reduction technology. These features ensure that you get the most optimal hearing experience, depending on whatever situation you may find yourself in.  Want to relax and watch your TV at home? Need to improve your hearing at a restaurant or an especially loud sporting event? Whatever the situation, you  can use your hearing aids accordingly without worrying about the sound being too loud.

  • Surgery will Fix your Hearing Loss

You may have heard, or even know someone whose hearing greatly improved after medical treatment and surgery. That is indeed wonderful news, but the reality is that this applies to maybe 5-10 percent of hearing loss cases.

Not everyone should go through surgery for their hearing loss. The decision to do so depends on several factors, which you will be able to discuss with your audiologist. That being said, the good news is that hearing aids, on the other hand, work for almost everyone.

  • Hearing Aids Make you Look Disabled

Yet another reason why some people are hesitant to start using hearing aids. In reality however, the hearing aids coming into the market are more and more attractive, and may fit in the ear canal where they are hardly visible to people.

Attractive or not, you have to give importance to the fact that hearing aids will help improve the quality of your life in so many ways. This should be reason enough to ignore matters aesthetics and focus on the functionality and end results.

In Conclusion

Myths are just that-myths. Read here on myths about tinnitus. For all the myths about hearing loss highlighted in this post, choose to dismiss each and stick to the truth. Doing so will help you make an informed decision about getting proper care.  Also talk to your audiologist about any questions you may have.

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