Cosmetic Enhancements for a Quick Refresher

Feeling a little worn out from non-stop work? Don’t worry, many of us are and our faces are one of the clearest indicators of this. Regardless of how much you take care of yourself, your body, your face, hair, and especially your mind, that tired, worn-out look will present itself after long hours at work.

Fortunately, you don’t have to accept this and live with it. Why look at a tired face in the mirror every morning, when you can bring out lost energy and vibrancy. There is a range of treatments that can help you out in this regard, including some favorites like Microneedling, dermal fillers, and the legendary Botox NYC residents’ facial rejuvenation treatment of choice.

Each of these has their advantages, methodologies, and produce different results. With the help of VIVA Skin Clinics, one of the leading cosmetic centers in the country, we have some insight into which treatments are a favorite among people and why. So, let’s see what these treatments can do, and maybe you can find one that checks all your boxes.


The name of this treatment is very indicative of what it is and what it does. But first, let’s understand how our skin works. 

You have probably noticed how every time you get a scratch or any kind of damage on the surface of your skin, after some time, the skin fixes this damage on its own. This is something we are naturally born with and it’s what makes our skin so resilient and powerful. Microneedling takes advantage of this natural process by stimulating the skin into regenerating itself.

By poking hundreds of tiny holes in the surface of the face, Microneedling coaxes your skin into regenerating the damaged cells and replacing them with new ones. The new skin cells are smoother, healthier, stronger, and make the skin more supple. A good example of how this works is with tattoos. If you or someone you know have recently gotten a new tattoo, feel the tattooed area and you will see how smooth and soft the skin is. Hence why Microneedling is sometimes referred to as “dry tattooing”.

Dermal Fillers

Sagginess and loss of volume become visible as time goes by. It is natural for aged skin to sag as the pockets of fat under it begin to deteriorate. This is why the skin gets all loose, most visibly in areas like under the eyes and around the cheekbones.

There is nothing wrong with saggy skin, as it is a completely natural part of aging. It can look very beautiful and this may not be something you are worried about. But everyone ages differently and some people have saggier skin than others. This is where dermal filler compounds like Juvederm and Restylane come into play.

Fillers are a special gel derived from a chemical your body naturally produces called “hyaluronic acid”. It’s found in areas like the joints, where it promotes the production of cartilage, a type of tissue that covers the tips of the bones. In fact, hyaluronic acid can even be injected into bones to help with joint pains. 

When fillers are injected into various parts of the face, they lift up the skin and restore volume, getting rid of that saggy, tired appearance. 


Even if you have never heard of the previous two treatments, chances are you have heard the name “Botox”. Whether it’s in conversation or on popular media, with reports of a Hollywood actor leaving a Botox clinic, this name has firmly ingrained itself into the mainstream culture, outside of the beauty industry.

With a few injections of the botulinum toxin, the compound used in the treatments, practitioners are able to stop the constant muscle contractions happening under the skin which is responsible for the wrinkles on the surface. When the muscles are numbed and the contractions stop, you will see how much more subtle the wrinkles are, with some barely being visible. This is what makes Botox NYC patients’ favorite way to refresh their appearance.

The results last for a very long time and with only a few injections, the side effects are very minor and go away in no time. The only odd sensation most patients report is numbness, which is totally expected when you understand how the Botox treatment actually works. But after some time, patients get used to the numbness and it rarely bothers them. 

Check out the many Botox before and after photos to see for yourself how effective this treatment is and how it can be the perfect way to freshen yourself up.


Ever thought you could look energetic and vibrant with the use of ultrasound? With Ultherapy this is very much possible. Ultherapy works on three layers: muscles, wrinkles, and skin. Using a special applicator, ultrasound is emitted to designated areas of the face, which stimulates collagen formation that in turn makes the skin more firm and less saggy.

Unlike the other treatments mentioned, Ultherapy is entirely non-invasive. The treatments above are completely safe in their own right, but Ultherapy’s non-invasiveness makes it a favorite among patients, especially those who have a fear of needles. Non-invasive treatments also come with the added bonus of not having to cut or damage any skin particles, effectively reducing the recovery time to almost nothing.

While there may be some minor side effects, they rarely occur and cause very little discomfort. During the procedure itself, you will feel a little heat, as is expected considering the nature of the treatment. 

Once the treatment is finished, the results begin to show themselves. Your body may continuously develop collagen and improve the results for three months after the treatment. So once you are finished with the procedure, remember: the best is yet to come. You will see visible improvement as the wrinkles become less visible, leading to your face looking much younger and most importantly, refreshed.

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