Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center Makes Dramatic Improvements to Garage Lighting

Garage Lighting Feb 2012To increase the safety of all employees, patients and visitors, Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center continues to improve its facilities. One significant difference is the upgrade of lighting in the North and South parking garages at the Main Campus on Franklin Street. The advancement project to high-efficiency lighting is now 95% complete with work concluding in coming weeks.

Each new light fixture is comprised of three lamps, one stays lit at all times and two lamps are activated by a motion sensor as vehicles or individuals move throughout the garage. The motion lights remain lit for 10 to 15 minutes and then revert back to a one lamp mode. Over 580 fixtures have been replaced or retro-fitted with the new fixtures, and several additional fixtures have been added to increase lighting. The light from these fixtures is a white light, replacing the yellow light that was previously emitted throughout the garages. 

Benefits of the upgrade include an increase in lighting output by 25% and a better line of sight with a 25% increase in color quality. Glare is reduced, making sight easier for drivers while in the garages. This energy-efficient lighting system reduces energy consumption by 50% with an anticipated annual savings of $37,000.

Conemaugh Memorial has also applied for rebate money through the Act 129 Utility Rebate Program of the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. The Act has an overall goal of reducing energy consumption and demand.

“This higher-quality lighting system costs much less to operate and is projected to have a return on investment of three years,” says Jim Devine, Director of Facility Operations, Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center. “There is also a 5-year warranty on all equipment used. By changing the lighting, we are continuing our focus on energy conservation and taking action to remain environmentally friendly.”

Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center (MMC), the flagship hospital of the Conemaugh Health System, is a regional referral hospital known for clinical excellence. Memorial has received HealthGrades Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence award for 2012, 2011, 2009, 2008 and 2007, for clinical outcomes which are among the Top 5% in the nation. Learn more at the Conemaugh Health System’s all new website,

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