Buying Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada


Previously, it was an uphill task to find where you can purchase magic mushrooms. It used to look like a journey through time. As a result, people regarded them as some sort of mystical substance which you would have to search for extensively. Or if you know a really weird dude, they may just be your plug for finding the magic.

While that may sound familiar, we want you to know that things just got easier as you have the liberty of ordering good quality mushrooms online and in a safe way. Now, that is a huge relief. But it is important to note that to get mushrooms online in Canada, you have to be 19 years or older.

Easy Ways to Get Magic Mushrooms Online

Purchasing mushrooms online is a very easy and safe way of getting them whether they are illegal or not where you reside. However, Psilocybe Cubensis is the only available species you can obtain via this method. There are about 180 other species of magic mushrooms.

One interesting fact surrounding the Cubensis is that it has around forty different strains depending on the place you find it. Also, breeders usually cross different strains with the intention of forming new strains.

So, when you want to buy mushrooms online, here are the options to explore:

1. The Grow Kit

Vancouver 'shroom dispensary selling microdoses online

The grow kit is a box that contains a substrate that was completely inoculated with the mycelium of the magic mushroom. With this option, you only have to expose it to water, light, and air. In about a week or less, it will commence fruiting and production of mushrooms.

This method sounds easy, but it could be difficult to access in some places. Over eighty percent of locations around the globe have declared it illegal such that it cannot be shipped to you. Also, if they eventually do, there is a high chance that the customs officers would seize it if you purchased from an international source.

Therefore, if your location becomes a barrier, the next option you could try is the spore print. You may want to check this website to find out if mushrooms are legal in your area.

2. The Spore Print

The mushroom’s cap is cut off and the gill side is made to face downwards on a strip of foil. This formation gives birth to the spore print. You can cover its cap with a glass surface, then allow it to stay for about 24 hours. After that time, when you raise the cap, you will find thousands of tiny spores. These spores will be useful when you scrape and place them in distilled water. You can use a syringe to collect the water.

Furthermore, you can inject those spores into the growing media or substrate. That is, where you want the mushrooms to grow). You can store spore prints for about two years in your refrigerator and use them to inoculate about seven different substrates. The use of this option would be a very cheap one because the spore print is not costly. It would also produce about four hundred wet grams, coming down to about thirty dried grams.

3. Vials or Spore Syringes

The next choice would be buying vials or spore syringes. They already contain distilled water that has spores in them. This will be a good alternative for those species that are not available as spore prints. 

For instance, a mushroom strain, Penis Envy, is highly sought after. It may be impossible to get spore prints for that strain because only five percent of the mushroom produces spores. As a result, this strain may be easily seen in the form of vials or spore syringes. You can check for a list of some mushroom species.


In this article, we have looked at the different ways of getting magic mushrooms online. Irrespective of what works in your area, spore prints are by far the safest and easiest option. They are basically thin foils enclosed in zip-lock bags. And you can get them via mail which will not give off red flags.

In Canada, it is illegal to buy dried mushrooms, but you can produce and consume them fresh. You can also buy grow kit and spore prints as they are legal.

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