Bring Your Thick Hair Back with These Hacks


Our hair is said to be our crowning glory, which is why many of us go to great lengths to ensure that there won’t be any bad hair day. However, there are some cases when hair starts to fall strand by strand, sometimes lump after lump. There are medical conditions such as alopecia areata and cancer that could induce such rapid hair loss – an experience that is truly traumatic for many.

Fortunately, there are manners of addressing such problems, including having what is known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP). This process of tattooing uses pigments to mimic actual hair strands to create an impression of full hair.

A skilled practitioner who has undergone intensive SMP training performs this highly-technical job to ensure the best results for the client. Aside from tattooing hair to bring back the appearance of your old mane, there are other ways to grow it back to its old glory.

Here are some of the tricks you should try:

Use hair thickening products

There are plenty of shampoo and conditioner products in the market that help achieve a full-volume hair. These hair thickening wonders have different ingredients than ordinary shampoos and conditioners and that’s where their magic lies.

They can’t guarantee you an outright full mane in days, but they should be good enough to aid in growing a thick crown in a few weeks or months.

Go natural

Nature has long provided man with miracle cures for a lot of illnesses and natural biological conditions. In this case, thinning hair. Aloe gel, olive oil, eggs, avocado, and many othernatural solutionsare known to aid in achieving what commercial hair thickening products promise to provide.

Eat healthy

What we put into our mouths has a direct effect on how our hair grows (or falls out). If you’ve lived on an unhealthy diet in the past and now suffers its consequences (such as thinning hair), then it’s about time to take on a new chapter.

It’s advised to eat healthy, like having lots of leafy greens and protein-rich food, as well as multi-vitamins with keratin, iron, and other hair stimulants.Avoidfoodthat is rich in trans-fat and refined sugar. It would also do your hair good if you stay away from food that causes an allergic reaction, just for good measure.

Go easy on your irons

Many people these days just love ironing their hair on a daily basis. Some are also putting on conditioner like mad. These things just hurt the hair more than the person realizes.

Brush up on your brushing skills

It’s an age-old practice that still continues to make sense today: doing 100 brush strokes each day before sleeping. Brushing helps spread out the natural oil to your hair strands, which helps protect them from damages. While it’s not really a requirement to do that 100-stroke thing each night, brushing your hairregularlywill help you achieve a nice crown and get rid of dead hair.

With these five tricks, you should be able to start growing your hair back and once again enjoy the feeling of a full-volume and luscious locks. You will be more confident and feel better about yourself.

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