Breast Surgery: Why You May Need It

Plastic surgery involves improving a person’s appearance, reconstructing the body and facial tissue due to trauma, illness, or birth disorders. It helps to restore function and improves the appearance as well. Plastic surgery has allowed women all over the world to feel better about themselves in today’s image-driven society. The female body tends to change with age, which can lead to drooping or sagging breasts with nipples pointing downwards. This can all be changed with breast lift surgery.

Studies have shown that breast lifts can dramatically change the way women feel about themselves. They find themselves feeling more confident, sexier, and even younger. This procedure allows them to improve their physical appearance and look better in different outfits including bath suits and lingerie. This in turn uplifts their perception of themselves, allowing them to be more confident in their personal and professional lives. Read on to understand more about the different procedures involved.

Breast Lift Procedure

The breast lift procedure involves raising the breasts. This is done by removing excess skin and reshaping the surrounding tissue by tightening it. The tightened tissue helps support the breasts better. A breast lift is not just about making your breasts larger. It also deals with reshaping and repositioning your breasts that have dropped or started sagging due to age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, gravity, or weight loss. A breast lift can also help reduce the size of enlarged areolas, which is a common problem among older women.

The plastic surgeon removes excess skin from the lower area of the breast and moves the areola and the nipple to a higher position. According to the experts at CPSI, the procedure allows breast and nipple sensation to be preserved in most cases. They make a variety of incision patterns depending on the desired result by the patient.  

Many women choose to undergo breast lift surgery for a number of reasons, let’s take a look at some of them.

Improve Overall Appearance

Most women notice a change in their appearance after putting through the body through pregnancy and breastfeeding. A breast lift is a great way to undo this change and go back to their youthful appearance with an attractive bust.

After Weight Loss

After significant weight loss, most people experience sagging of the skin all around their bodies. It also includes sagging breasts. Removing the excess skins and tightening the tissue will create a more proportional body shape.

Perky Breasts

While many women have perky breasts in their teens, it tends to start dropping as the years go by. The breast lift procedure gives them a chance to get back their sexy and perky breasts. It also allows women who had drooping breasts even in their teens a chance at having perky breasts for the first time in their lives.

Breast Augmentation Procedure

The breast augmentation procedure is carried out to increase the shape, size, or the fullness of the breast. Women often opt for this procedure to increase the size of their breasts. After all, studies have shown that men find women with larger breasts to be more attractive.

The procedure can come in handy to even-out the sizes of your breasts as well. It is common knowledge that almost 50% of the female population have differently sized breasts. This condition can be easily corrected with a simple procedure. As women age, their body starts losing volume. This causes the breast to start deflating and sagging. A breast augmentation procedure can restore youth to your breasts and have them looking young and perky once again. After all, who doesn’t enjoy looking younger and having a proportional body to match?

A combination of a breast lift along with a breast augmentation is considered to be the perfect choice for women who have crossed the threshold of 40. This helps perk up your breasts and also round them out for a fuller look. Breast augmentation is a popular choice among women who have beaten breast cancer. It allows them to have their breasts rebuild and face life with confidence after defeating cancer.

Interestingly, plastic surgery that deals with breasts often have a positive psychological impact, regardless of whether the procedure is a breast lift, breast augmentation, or a breast reduction. The bottom line is that it helps women feel better about themselves. In many cases, it gives women a push to take a step out of their safety zone and try new things in life. When done right by experienced professionals, plastic surgery can change your life for the better in more ways than one. 

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