Best Ways To Stay Active As You Get Older

Best Ways To Stay Active As You Get Older

Physical activity is imperative in combatting some of the most pervasive diseases and conditions affecting Americans today, including heart disease and type 2 diabetes. In addition, exercise is proven to help improve your mood and keep you in tip-top shape so you can continue living life the way you want to. Here are the best ways to stay active as you get older.

Low-Impact Activities

Aerobic exercises that get your blood pumping are great choices for physical activity, but some exercises, like running, are hard on your joints. Instead, opt for activities that are easy on your joints, like swimming, walking, or even raking leaves. Look for exercises that get your heart rate up without feeling too strenuous.

Muscle Strengthening

Lifting light weights or using exercise bands are smart ways to keep your muscles strong. Remember to mind your breathing while lifting weights—exhale while you lower the weights and inhale as you lift them, but don’t hold your breath. Light weightlifting helps keep your body ready for day-to-day tasks like picking up heavy grocery bags or carrying a vacuum upstairs.

Balancing Activities

Exercises that keep your body flexible are great, too! Try taking Tai Chi or yoga classes at your local gym. Activities that improve balance and flexibility help you stay limber and can work to keep your resting heart rate down.

Exercising on Oxygen

Some people require oxygen concentrators to help them breathe easier, and you may assume that exercise is impossible under these conditions. However, this isn’t the case. If you have a portable oxygen concentrator, you can do any of the previously mentioned activities with little to no impediment.

With a little extra tubing to allow for easy mobility, people using a heavy tank as their concentrator can work out, too. There’s no reason you can’t stay active while using supplemental oxygen!

Now that you know the best ways to stay active as you get older, put your health first and stay in shape no matter your age.

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