Benefits of Family Dentistry

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If you are looking for a dental practitioner who can take care of all your family members’ dental needs, then a family dentist is what you need. 

Family dentists are well trained to treat both adult and children’s teeth. They offer a wide range of treatments including-rays, including sealants, dental checkups, cleaning fillings, examinations among others. 

This makes them handier than the general dentist, who typically serve a particular age bracket. You get quality care at the comfort of your home anytime without having to wait in line to book appointments. 

Let’s look at the various family dentistry benefits. You can also find more information by visiting reno dentist 

  • Convenience

This is one of the major benefits of having a family doctor. It simplifies the need of traveling across town or having to leave work to go for an appointment. 

You can easily book an appointment for the entire family at once now that your doctor is only one phone call away. Similarly, when your family visits the same dentist, it simplifies the management of care and saves you money as well.

  • Eliminates Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is common in both children and adults. The fear of getting your teeth extracted, especially in kids, develop at an early stage. 

As a result, they may delay or avoid visiting a dentist for treatment. You can eliminate this by doing dental checkups and treatment together as a family. When children see that you are also going for check-ups it helps them gain confidence with the experience. 

Children tend to mimic their parent’s behaviors. This is why showing them that having a regular checkup is important. 

  • Emergency Dental Services

Sometimes accidents happen at the most inconvenient time and that’s when you need an immediate solution. 

For instance, you may get your tooth chipped or knocked out by accident. Such emergencies will need immediate care. Having a trustworthy dentist means you can see them anytime regardless of the situation. 

You are also assured of prompt and quality services. Follow this link to see a few dental emergencies you might have 
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  • Regular and Consistent Services

Visiting your dentist regularly for checkups is the best way of maintaining perfect oral health. You should get their teeth checked and cleaned at least twice a year. Having a personal dentist assures your consistent services every time you visit. 

It also helps you boost your confidence and thus never miss an appointment. No matter the time of the year, a dedicated practitioner will always be willing to discuss with the patient their numerous treatment option.

  • Preventative Care

Family dentists have a vast knowledge of various dental ailments and treatments. They also advise you on how to take care of your teeth to avoid severe problems like tooth decay. 

Some of these preventive measures include flossing, rinsing, brushing, and regular checkups. They can also recommend the application of fluoride or sealant protection for your teeth. 

Nevertheless, if at one point your kid requires teeth alignment, it can be done while still young to prevent future damages. Generally, the dentist will guide you through the most effective preventive practices that will help keep your teeth healthy for a long.

  • Easier to track dental history

Having one dentist taking care of your family’s dental needs makes it easier to track your family’s dental history. For instance, a family dentist can identify a stubborn genetic disorder in your family from your records, and prevent it from causing future problems. Plus, in case you get reinfected, it’s easier for the oral professional to identify which drugs work best for you and vice versa.

  • Family dentists are versatile

The fact that they can provide treatment for people of all ages, makes them stand out more than the general dentists. Not only can they provide preventive measures like teeth alignment for kids but also design dentures for the elderly. Plus, they provide other services like cosmetic treatment, veneers, teeth whitening, and dental cleaning.


Having a family dentist is not only convenient but also saves you money and time. Whether you are having a dental emergency or just want a normal checkup, you can get all that from one practitioner. Now that you are familiar with the numerous benefits of hiring a family dentist, you will consider having one. You will also get updates on the latest dentistry practices that can help with your routine oral care.

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