Benefits Of Buying A Tuck Mattress

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Sleep is important for everybody; it is also like diet and exercise. As we get older we value the chance that we get to rest and sleep because it is where our state is calm and peaceful. We recognize that sleep is important that is why we try our best to get our resting place as comfortable as possible. There are a lot of people who invest time and effort to find the best mattress that will fit their needs. But not all of them knew that there is a lot easier way to find the best sleeper for them. After all, you want that kind that is specifically built for you.

Then don’t worry anymore there is a company that will give you a mattress that is designed for you. You’ll learn how they possibly made it for you, the benefits of using it and the changes that you will get.

What is a Tuck Mattress?

It may be new to you but there is a company that makes customizable, eco-friendly mattresses. Tuck Mattress is responsible for using recyclable materials to form them to coils up to their foams. Even if they are known for using recyclable materials they make sure that their foams won’t release off-gas nasty toxins because it is CertiPUR-US certified. Here are other ways you can recycle your old sleepers too:

In terms of customizing a mattress for you, they have a sleep test online that will help you choose what you want. There are questions about what is your sleeping habits, height, weight, experiences in your current mattress and what you do you want for your future mattress. Although they are more focused on the things that are relevant to you.

The reviews of the mattress online refer that the company considers five factors in customizing:

First, they consider what the customers want in terms of softness and firmness. The feeling that they would experience and how it will affect their body. Second, consider the cooling elements that the customers would want. If not, they will adjust the heat and meet what the sleeper would prefer. Then, it is how the mattress will support the body when the sleeper lies against it. It also keeps the optimal spinal alignment that benefits the customer.  Read more about spine alignment and proper sleep posture here.

After that, they consider the conforming ability that the mattress will form, and the floating feeling it creates without pressure points. Lastly, know the motion isolation that tests how effective the product will be prior to the customers sleeping habits. What’s admiring with Tuck Mattress is that they ensure you that the product that they offer is surely for you with its thorough research and considerations.

What are the Benefits of Buying Tuck Mattress?

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With all these facts and fascinating service and the product, you might wonder what else you could benefit from buying one. Then keep on reading and discover what benefits you will encounter.

As there are many reviews and testimonies, like the tuck mattress review, circulating online regarding this product they will surely leave an impact on your opinion. It is known to have recyclable materials and if you are environment-friendly this is nice to have knowing you save a little part of the planet. The specific and different needs that you want may differ from others and it is beneficial in investing in this kind of product rather than a normal one. It has characteristics that will help you enjoy sleep more. The comfortability fits you and you’ll experience something relaxing than buying a regular type that is foamy and uncomfortable. 

Many people testify that buying this product help lessen their back pain and some even state that they are not experiencing it anymore. With that, a great benefit that you can’t slip because it is important to have a good health and sleep. Here’s why you should be concerned with spine health:

If you’re the type of person who wants the cooling sensation when sleeping then this is a great product with memory foam that will help you relax even more. But as I said above they will consider what you want if you’re not interested in this kind of benefit. This product promotes a happy sleep and with the tiring environment that we have right now, this will eventually change your life. Financially speaking this product is a great investment with a 10-year warranty! That is a very surprising offer but what’s more interesting is that they have a 100 night trial period that is actually 145 days well that’s really a good start isn’t it?

The Tuck Mattress Construction

Even though you know the products basic components there is more to it and its foundation. The Tuck’s cover has a mixture of rayon and polyester that also has built in cooling. The yarn that they are using is from the recycled plastic bottle and the amount that is inside of the bed is depending on its size. For example, the queen-sized bed cover has roughly 40 plastic bottles. And they also use fabric that is from Repreve. The product also consists Copper Gel Infused Memory Foam that is used for the cooling sensation and that is embedded in the memory foam. The density is about 3.5 lb that has an IFD of 5-15. 

The Micro Coils is encased individually in a fabric that has 1,386 coils. While the Pocketed Coils has about 1,037 six inch coils that are form edge to edge. The transition Foam and Base Foam has the same density of 1.8lb but different IFD that is about 22-38 and 41-62 consecutively. Lastly, the Dunlop Latex that has density of 3 lb with an IFD of 6.5-15.5. The Tuck Mattress cover is very unique with its credible components. As for the Tuck foundation it can work great in solid surface. May it be the floor, slats, platform, adjustable base or an box spring foundation.

It Might Not Work For You If…

This part is not discouraging you but it is notifying you that there are also factors that it might not fit on your own standard. One of them is that you want a 100% memory foam feeling because that is what you are comfortable with, although Tuck has considerations in customizing they still have a great way to make it comfortable for you. But then if you prefer the memory foam, it is up for you to decide. Also if you’re the type of person that settles their mind instantly and if you decided already that you’re going to have that specific kind of mattress, without changing and considering your body needs as long as you’re comfortable then it is also your choice.

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