Today, chronic diseases have become a lot more common and widespread than ever. Most of the credit goes to leading a bad lifestyle. Each year, more and more people are spending thousands of dollars to treat or manage these chronic diseases. With so many types of available treatments, one of the helpful and long-lasting changes can be created with the help of a holistic health coach. So, here’s what you need to know about holistic health coaches and how the future with this career looks like.


A holistic health coach focuses on using an all-inclusive technique to monitor and take care of a person lifestyle, fitness, diet, and overall health. This kind of coach uses many factors to assess what can cause health challenges and works to find out the root of the problem. Furthermore, as bad habits are identified, the coach works along with the individual to change these habits and transform them into good ones.


Holistic health coaches are trained in a way that they develop very specific skills to take care of a few roles and responsibilities. So, here’s a list of key responsibilities that can be expected from a coach who holds a holistic health coach certificate.

  • Focuses on the psychological aspect of health

A holistic health coach primarily develops skills to study an individual on a psychological level to assess and figure out what are the ways in which positive behavior can be regulated. A coach is supposed to see how the change in thoughts can provoke a change in behavior and how he can help the individual retain newly developed or reinforced good habits.

  • Promotes habit reversal

A holistic health coach is supposed to change the bad habits of the client by promoting a reversal in the habits and changing it to a good one. Let’s say the holistic health coach aims to reverse the smoking habits of the client. The coach’s responsibility is to plan a systematic strategy to minimize the number of cigarettes smoked over time and simultaneously take care of withdrawal symptoms while the habit is being reversed.

  • Has the ability to motivate

It’s also a holistic health coach’s key role to keep the client motivated throughout. While many clients start off with the treatment with a lot of vigor, it slowly starts to fade as the clients lose willpower. It’s a coach’s responsibility to help the client in constantly regaining and retaining motivation to achieve the goal of living a healthy and happy life.

  • May provide other services

Many holistic health coaches also pursue other courses and specialize in many other services. So, based on their extra specialization, you can expect them to fulfill more roles and needs.


A course in holistic health takes students through holistic anatomy, nutrition and diet, exercise, and psychological aspects of motivation and training. It also equips aspiring holistic health coaches with skills to manage and reduce stress in individuals. Basically, a holistic health course involves an integrative curriculum that not only focuses on theoretical frameworks but also on the practicality of these theories.


If you wish to pursue a Holistic Health Coach Certification Online, you should also know where you can work. Here’s a list of places where holistic health coaches normally work outside private practice.

  • College and universities
  • Wellness centers and gyms
  • Corporations
  • Weight management programs
  • Training centers

For people who become holistic health coaches, it can be quite a rewarding job to help their clients develop positive health habits which help them lead a quality life- both physically and mentally. In the coming years, the scope for holistic health coaches will only expand since more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of a holistic health approach to living a fulfilling life and avoiding vulnerability to diseases. So, if you plan to do a holistic health coach course, this might be the right time for you. 

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