All Eyes On Eyewear Trends

glassesGlasses are a fact of life for millions of people worldwide. Even though the BBC recently reported that the discovery of a “short-sighted” gene, glasses will likely stick around for a while since they’ve become a hip accessory for well-styled men and women alike.

Glasses and colored contact lenses can give an edge to your existing style, but be sure you pay close attention to the current trends.

Runway Looks

High-end designers like Prada and Balenciaga are opting for chunkier frames that feature unique patterns, which are perfect for the fashionista who wants to keep the focus on her perfect peepers. Prada’s collection includes animal print glasses, plus neat touches like wooden accented frames, which are sure to set your style apart from the pack.

Paris eyewear brand Balenciaga recently released a high concept ad campaign featuring a pair of specs with thicker frames and a design inspired by black and white marble. These looks will go well with simple looks like black blazers and darker-hued sweaters and dresses, but don’t get too busy by pairing them with printed or overly textured fabrics.

Cue Up Color

If you’re curious about trying a new look, but not ready to commit to an eye-catching chunky frame or fun pattern, you may want to try playing around with something as simple as colored contact lenses.

These are also a great option if you want to ditch your glasses for a few days but remain playful, or even play off a new, darker hairstyle. Either way, Discount Contact Lenses has colored contacts to pair with your new hair color or outfit. You can also look into getting simple colored frames in bold red, black or white, which are another good option to add style to your eyewear look while keeping it simple.

Frame Your Face

Glamour Magazine recently released some great style tips for finding the perfect frames to go with your natural face shape. Try large frames with structured corners to balance out a long, oval face. For a face with rounder cheeks, seek out frames that are more rectangular or square-shaped in order to balance out your overall face shape. Be careful of getting frames that are too large if you’re on the more petite size, however.

You should seek to find frames that are well proportioned for your face so that you don’t end up dwarfing your natural features with a huge pair of lenses. If you’re concerned about glasses making you appear less feminine, opt for the sexy librarian look and pick up a pair of cute, cat-eye glasses.

This flirty style is always in season thanks to its classic, retro style. For something truly fashion forward, consider picking up a pair of glasses with bold, translucent frames. This new look will be a surefire conversation starter, so be prepared to get some attention before popping on this confidence-boosting style.

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