Achieving Fitness Goals: Why Willpower Is Not Enough

By Emily Sidley

Although it’s necessary, willpower alone is not enough to achieve your fitness goals. A lot of people want to believe they can just make up their mind and power through, but unfortunately, that attitude generally ends in disappointment and giving up. At Chrome Fit, we work with clients to help them achieve their goals, and give them tools to use for success in addition to their willpower.

Mindfulness. This is a big one. It’s not enough to tell yourself, “I won’t give into cravings.” Instead, notice and accept when you DO have a craving, identify why you are having it and decide what you will chose to do instead of giving in to it.

Big Picture. Keeping the big picture in mind is also important. If your willpower breaks down, it’s not the end of your fitness journey – it’s the start of another day! Pick yourself back up, keep on going, and don’t give in to that “total failure” mentality.

Set Goals. Although weight loss goals might keep you on track for a little while, achievement and performance goals will continue to drive your results over time. Our trainers can help you set and achieve realistic goals that will help you continually move forward with your fitness plan.

Prioritize. Your health matters! In order to see results, you need to make fitness and wellness a priority. To keep workouts a regular part of your week, block out time for them in your schedule and stick to it! If you need help or motivation, call up a fitness buddy and get involved in our community to help you stay on track.

Create Balance. We get it – you have other important things in your life besides staying fit. Family and work take time – time you might feel like you don’t already have. A lot of business owners put all their focus into their company, but studies actually show people are more productive when they invest in themselves emotionally and physically. Creating balance in your life can actually make you more productive overall!

Want additional ways to keep on track with your fitness goals? Contact Chrome Fit for suggestions tailored to your lifestyle!

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