A Look Into the Fast-Growing Beverage Market of CBD Drinks

Modern research and studies have given much justification to the legalize and extend the use of cannabis in beverages and various oils. CBD beverages are among those products which are in massive demand given its medicinal properties while inflicting no mind-altering effects as compared to THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) when moderately consumed. CBD beverages are also popular as recreational drinks. 

Preparation of CBD beverages

The procedure of preparing the CBD beverages depends on the type of products which one wants to add with. The CBD product guides advise a consumer on which ways he should take the CBD infused drinks. In general, the preparation of the beverage is easy. One has to infuse the CBD with brewed tea and coffee. As CBD is non-psychoactive, it does not provide a high dose of intoxication that users get from ingesting marijuana. However, it provides the wellness benefits of marijuana without the mind-altering effects.

How CBD beverages react in our body when consumed?

The human body has an Endocannabinoid system that regulates mood appetite, memory, and pain.  CB1 receptors which when affected by a neurotransmitter Anandamide, controls the generation of pleasure, motivation and feeding behavior. Cannabidiol (CBD) has molecular formula C21H30O2, with molecular density 314g/mol and after consumption of the CBD beverages, the CBD component has an attachment to these receptors and reduces anxiety and chronic pain symptoms, by turning it off. This is Allosteric Inhibition.

Recent Demands: –

Nowadays, there are a lot of reputed companies who wants to venture into the CBD beverages segment with their chain of products, as day by day this product’s popularity is soaring high. This is on track to become a $600 million market in the USA in the next 4 years, according to the analysts at the Canaccord Genuity. 

The reason why the demand for CBD beverages is increasing has a link to the fact that CBD beverages, when sold will be under the legal cannabis products section. If there is legal monitoring for the business of those beverages, people will be more interested in buying rather than getting engaged with illegal stuff. CBD beverages discard a lot of side effects of marijuana while keeping its positive impact.  

The other reason is its easier accessibility. Only pharmacies can access medical cannabis, and a buyer has to present a doctor’s prescription for purchasing it from any store. Besides these different kinds of recreational cannabis are only available in medical dispensaries. To sell this cannabis one has to get a license and the process of getting a license is difficult. Every dealer has to follow the Government rules for dealing in cannabis products.

All said and done, CBD beverages have a long way to go in terms of getting mainstreamed recreational drinks, given the law complexities related to marijuana and its products still exist, in most of the countries with a potential market for growth. Following the guidelines of taking CBD beverages, one can enjoy the drinks to the fullest. 

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