A Better Future: 4 Weight Loss Solutions That Actually Work


It’s easy to get discouraged when trying to lose weight. The US weight loss industry is worth 72 billion dollars, thanks to fad diets, countless weight loss supplements, and how-to books that promise to guide you toward shedding those pounds.

However, research shows that the latest health trends don’t work as well as more sustainable weight loss solutions. The following strategies can help you lose the weight and keep it off.

1. Making Healthier Food Choices

In a culture that puts convenience before health, it’s difficult to make nutritious habits a priority.

Let’s face it: We all love to see what’s new at our favorite drive-throughs. We can’t resist indulging in the latest sugary treats at our favorite national donut shops. And the fast-food franchises are all too happy to feed our cravings by making our menu options more extreme and less healthy with every new creation.

If you are a slave to fast food, try a few of the following tips to help you make healthier choices:

  • Skip the breakfast drive-through. Try cooking at home instead.
  • Skip traditional dessert. Try a fruit covered with whipped topping instead.
  • Give up caffeinated and sugary drinks. Keep the coffee if you drink it black, but get rid of sodas.

though none of these changes are easy to make, even one such change can help you slim down.

2. Regular Exercise

Do you get enough exercise?

If not, you’re in good company. About 25 percent of Americans don’t exercise enough. They get less than the recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week.

However, even 20 minutes of daily exercise can get your body on a lifelong path toward good health. This exercise doesn’t have to be vigorous, either. Plenty of research shows that simply walking can help you lose weight.

Medical Weight Loss Solutions

Some people cannot manage weight loss on their own. This is nothing to be ashamed of; you haven’t failed if you need a bit of medical intervention to drop those dress sizes.

Genetics, lifelong nutritional habits, and even illnesses prevent people from losing weight on their own. The following are solutions you can try if the above weight loss tips don’t work for you.

3. Nutrition-Based Medical Weight Loss Program

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by good nutrition. Even the food we buy off of grocery store shelves tends to pack on the pounds since much of it is processed.

If you’re having trouble learning how to make healthier food choices, visit a nutritionist.

Medical weight loss centers are staffed with registered dietitians and doctors who educate people about food. They help people plan meals, learn to read labels and develop sustainable eating habits.

When you visit a nutritionist, you’ll be required to keep a food log based on a meal plan that they approve. Each visit, you will show your log to your dietitian and discuss your wins as well as how you can better meet your weight loss goals.

4. Bariatric Surgery

If developing a more nutritious diet alone doesn’t help you lose weight, you can also consider bariatric surgery. The best bariatric surgeon will assess if the procedure is a sustainable option for you.

Are You Ready For Weight Loss?

Which of these weight loss solutions appeals to you most?

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