7 Tips to Survive the Cold and Flu Season at Work

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There’s nothing worse than getting sick during the winter—and unfortunately, offices are rife with contaminants this time of year. The good news is that it’s easily preventable, even with all the people you encounter at your job. Take heed of these tips to survive the cold and flu season at work

Wash Your Hands

The first tip is obvious, and the easiest thing you can do to prevent getting sick, and that’s washing your hands regularly. Some good times to wash your hands are when you are done eating and after you use the restroom. 

Disinfect Your Working Area

You should also disinfect your working area with wipes. Some parts of your work area that should be wiped down include: 

  • Keyboard 
  • Mouse
  • Phone
  • Computer monitors
  • Desk

Get Enough Sleep

An additional tip to survive the cold and flu season at work is to get enough sleep. A full eight hours of sleep can really help you not get sick. By getting the proper rest your body needs every night, you can better fight off various illnesses.  


Like adequate sleep, drinking plenty of water has numerous health benefits, which includes keeping your immune system strong. Make it a habit to carry around a bottle of water so you can easily hydrate throughout the workday. 

Take Vitamins

Besides drinking water frequently, you can also take vitamin C, D, or zinc to improve your immune system. You can easily do this by taking a vitamin each day—that way, you can keep the cold or flu at bay.  

Cover Your Mouth

When some people cough, they tend to use their hands to cover it up and go about their day without even washing their hands. This is an easy way for an illness to spread. Instead, you should use your arm or a tissue to cover up a cough. 

Stay Home

The last tip to survive the cold and flu season is to stay at home when you are not feeling your best. There are many distinctions between a common cold and allergies, so identify what you might be suffering from and get plenty of rest at home if necessary. 

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