7 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Bed and Bath on a Budget

Refreshing your bedroom and bath doesn’t have to involve a floor-to-ceiling remodel. Plenty of ideas can be completed in 10 minutes, an hour, a weekend, or less.

Dress up walls with a simple rearranging of knick-knacks or artwork. You could also add a statement piece of art, like a fiber wall hanging or colorful door tassels.


Refreshing a bedroom with new paint can bring an instant mood lift. Choose soft hues that evoke a soothing effect or a warm, cozy cocoon feel. It’s easy to get a fresh look without repainting the entire room. Consider a textured wallpaper or an accent, such as the back of a built-in.

Other simple updates include replacing outdated window treatments and changing out a shabby stair runner for a stylish striped or bold-colored option. Adding a new shower curtain and rug in a color that complements the walls and coordinating towels can create a cohesive look.

While there are bigger projects to consider, such as converting a basement into a family entertainment center or turning an unused attic into a master suite, these upgrades can greatly increase your home’s livability and offer an excellent return on investment.


Known in the design world as the fifth wall, your floor can be a major decorating focal point. Rugs are like upscale art designed to be walked on—and the right one can tie together your furnishings, draperies and walls and make them pop.

Natural fiber rugs are inexpensive to add texture and warmth to a room. Jute and reed work especially well for coastal-inspired looks, while sisal brings an organic vibe.

If you can’t splurge on a new rug or carpet, rearrange your furniture to showcase a larger floor area. This trick makes rooms feel bigger and creates a visually appealing flow. Plus, it’s a great alternative to painting or wallpapering when a major project isn’t in the cards.


A full bedroom transformation can be costly and time-consuming, but lighting updates offer an easy and quick way to create a welcoming retreat. Harsh bulbs can make a bedroom feel cold and uninviting, while dimmer fixtures provide a soft glow that can establish a tranquil mood.

Opt for LED fixtures for an energy-efficient and budget-friendly update that works well in small spaces. They come in various color temperatures and can easily be adjusted to fit your preferred brightness. Visiting sites that offer promos, including Wayfair coupons will help you get good deals.

For a modern, clean look, try a pendant or flush mount light that’s a little more unique than your standard options. Hanging a unique fixture draws the eye up to heighten a room’s sense of drama and creates a focal point in a smaller space.


If your bedroom is looking a little drab, consider a furniture update. Adding new bedding can make the room feel fresh, and a new dresser or chest of drawers provides ample storage.

Shifting existing art or accessories also gives a bedroom a refresh. For example, moving the family heirloom grandfather clock from the dining room to the bedroom can free up wall space for the kids’ school photos.

Clearing clutter and refreshing a bathroom are also simple, budget-friendly upgrades. A few new storage boxes can corral clothing, a decorative tray can hold small items, and a coat of paint on your old vanity will give it an updated look. Installing a ceiling fan will create an instantly cozier room, while replacing drafty windows adds warmth and energy savings.


A good night’s sleep depends on more than just the mattress. Pillows can shape the sleeper’s neck and spine, support the head, wick away moisture, and repel dust mites.

Today’s pillows are available in many different shapes and materials, including high-tech options that conform to the head’s body and even wake you with music. However, these new models tend to be expensive.

Natural materials, like kapok fibers, buckwheat, Talalay latex, and organic cotton, are more affordable. They’re also eco-friendly. The downside to these pillows is that they need regular fluffing. And if you’re buying conventional cotton, be aware that it often contains pesticides and other harmful chemicals. But the good news is that most pillows have a cotton encasement that can easily replace with an organic version.


Not all bedroom and bath ideas have to involve a full redesign. Sometimes all it takes is one statement piece to freshen up the room.

For instance, a colorful rug or bath mat can instantly add color to an otherwise neutral bathroom. Or a beautiful wall art print can serve as an anchor for other decor like shower curtains and rugs.

Rather than spending money on a gallery wall, try framing some inexpensive prints. Or create a unique look by hanging a door tassel, fiber wall hanging or a simple painting of daffodils (as shown above). This is also a great way to freshen up an unframed mirror. Just be sure to use waterproof spray paint.


Changing a bathroom or bedroom without a big budget can be surprisingly easy. Swapping out hardware like knobs and handles is a great way to add new color and texture for a fraction of the cost.

Replacing towels is also a quick, affordable update. Choose neutral whites or pale blues for a soothing spa-like look, or go bold with spring colors. Towel warmer racks are an option that saves space and makes bath time feel more luxurious.

A new soap dispenser, toothbrush holder or caddy can add style and function to any bathroom. For a unique touch, you could hang a beautiful fiber wall (like this gorgeous door tassel) or a chic woven basket.

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