5 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

During the holiday season, you are prone to many health risks including flu, cold and allergies. You are closer to germs walking along with you in the form of colleagues, friends, family members or commuters.

In order to help you stay away from falling ill, Allison Aiello, Ph.D., a professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Gillings School of Global Public Health has compiled a list of tips that you can follow easily.

Keep your distance to avoid the chills

During the holiday season, friends and family members spend time together more often. However, remaining in close proximity with someone who is ill can make your holidays a nightmare. As you may know, flu germs and cold are transferred through droplets or aerosols from the nose and the mouth. Make sure to keep the distance from people who are sick, and wash your hands after you get in contact with them.

Wash Your Hands with Soap

In cold weather, everyone is at risk of getting flu or cold. It is best to wash your hands frequently when you go out or meet someone who is sick. Wash your hands with soap at least for 20 seconds and use towel or tissue paper if you a cough or sneeze. Moreover, put on a mask when getting out in the public. Before and after having meals, wash your hands with the soap.

Prevent Food Contamination

Food contamination can lead to diarrhea or food poisoning. As the holiday season is all about feats and parties, you may be at higher risk of getting diarrhea. In case you are not feeling well, make sure to Walk-in Urgent Care where you will be treated at an affordable cost.

While preparing holiday meals, keep your guests and yourself safe from food-related illnesses. Eggs, poultry, raw meat, and seafood should be kept away from ready to eat foods and eating surfaces. Make sure to keep the leftover foods at a recommended temperature and refrigerate it. In addition, you should not leave perishable foods out in the open for more than two hours.

Beware of the Buffet Table

Buffet tables are not only filled with desserts, foods, and snacks but also germs are also staring. The host can reduce the gems from spreading by serving food in small portion and using clean utensils. Guests should only use once and avoid snacking directly from the buffet table. Guests should use plates only once and avoid munching directly from the buffet or dipping vegetable or chips into a dish.  

 Isolate, if You are Sick

When you are not feeling well, it is better to stay at home. It is hard to miss the party and gatherings, but imagine how much fun you could really enjoy if you are sniffing your nose and sneezing the whole time. It can also affect other people around you. 

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