5 Steps To A Harmonious and Peaceful Life

Esther JosephBy Esther Francis Joseph

Virtually everyone wants a life filled with harmony and peace. Yet, there are surprisingly few people who know what it takes to achieve this state of being. On the surface, it seems impossible or like it would take a huge shift in your entire way of life to bring about that kind of change. However, there are very straight forward steps you can take to streamline and harmonize your life –  and they are easy to implement.  Discover the amazingly simple 5 steps to a harmonious and peaceful life; create the existence you have only dreamed of.

1. Discover who you really are. There is only one person we need to please and one set of expectations to meet – our own. Decide what you expect of yourself and live by those guidelines. Since we are all different, the expectations one person has can fit only that person. Explore your strengths, weaknesses and passions. Ask yourself what you truly want out of life and what makes you happy. Ask questions like: “Do I really want to be a wife and mother,” “Do I like working in this field,” and “Will I be happy being a doctor, or am I just doing what is expected of me?”  Along with this, accept that the only person you have control over is yourself. This is a very liberating concept. When we understand that we cannot change anyone around us but ourselves, we’ve liberated ourselves from a lot of stress. We need to decide whether we can or cannot accept the people in our lives the way they are or we might need to streamline or even eliminate the ones who bring too much stress into our lives.

2. Let go of all expectations. When we let go of all expectations, it does not mean we leave everything to chance. Be prepared, make a plan and do the best you can; then be willing to release the outcome and let it be what it will be. This frees you from disappointment and frustration. Accept the fact that you can’t do it all – be the best parent, husband or wife and CEO and be at peace with yourself. No one can do it all, no matter what the books tell us. Something has to give in your life. Know where your priorities lay and be the best you can at that. Know the roles you can excel in and be the best you can in them. Delegate what you can and learn to accept that you don’t need to do it all or be it all.

3. Take time for yourself. It is very hard for most of us to fit in the things we feel we have to do into our day. Scheduling time for ourselves can be extremely challenging. Start your day, every day, with a prayer, silent moment or a five minute time of meditation. Take the time to unplug and be away from it all. Simplify your life by resisting the temptation to grasp your phone or turn on your computer and check your email first thing in the morning. Take and revel in a moment just for you. You will find that you are much more relaxed and at peace with a little downtime. Take the time to enjoy whatever it is you are doing in the moment you are doing it. Too often we go through life on autopilot. We don’t notice the things around us, especially the important moments and the relationships that are a vital part of such moments. Put away your cell phone while on vacation. Focus on and enjoy your meal when eating. Delight in the presence of your friends when spending time with them. Live life deliberately.

4. Don’t do anything you don’t want to do. While there are a lot of reasons why this is not rational, it can be very necessary. Resist the urge to take this advice at face value and simply give up on doing the dishes and taking out the trash. This is more about saying no to things that take up your time and energy, things that could be done by someone else. Quite simply, you cannot be at peace if you are doing things you would rather not be doing. An old adage that illustrates this states, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.”  Find things you love to do and do them.

5) Live the life you want to live, while allowing others the privilege of doing the same. Simply put, this means that you shouldn’t use others in order to achieve your perfect life. Everyone deserves to have the same privilege you have. As previously mentioned, everyone is different, and the life one person wants certainly is not what another might want. Don’t negatively impact others in your quest for the life you desire. Show respect to those around us as we intentionally put things into place that will ensure we live the life we want to live.

You will notice, as you work on these steps, that they are all about things that you as an individual can do. A peaceful life is possible and is yours to create. Take the time to study and implement these straightforward guidelines and before you know it, your life will have the peace you seek.

About the Author

Esther Francis Joseph is a personal and family coach and author of, “Memories of Hell, Visions of Heaven: A Story of Survival, Transformation, and Hope,” her personal story of survival and perseverance, despite a violent childhood. Growing up on the picturesque island of St. Lucia, Esther molded her literary talents with her childhood experiences as she continues down her path to leading a joyous and fulfilled adult life.  To learn more or contact Esther, please visit www.unityinherited.com.

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