5 Signs of Bipolar Disorder You Need to Know

Bipolar disorder is among the most common mental health issues of today. Studies have shown that about 5.7 million American adults suffer from bipolar disorder.

Formerly known as manic depression, this mental health disorder causes severe mood swings that consist of emotional lows and highs. These constant mood swings often create a destructive impact on your energy, activity, behavior, judgment, and sleep.

While bipolar disorder is considered a life-long condition, people can effectively manage their swings by following the treatment plan of a therapist houston tx has several medical professionals that provide psychological counseling and medications to treat bipolar disorder.

Before visiting a medical expert, you must be able to recognize the indicators of bipolar disorder. Read on and find out the signs of bipolar disorder and do a self-assessment to explain your condition to a therapist better.

What are the Signs of Bipolar Disorder? 

Depressed mood

It’s normal to feel sad or hopeless for some time, but not always. If such feelings remain for over two weeks, then you need to seek help. If you’re in the state of Texas, look for a qualified therapist Houston, TX to start learning about your condition and get treated. 

Loss of Interest

Have you been passionate about something, and then the passion dies suddenly? You begin losing interest in what you loved doing or for no reason; you no longer feel interested in the people you love.

If these changes have created catastrophic experiences to your lifestyle, make sure to visit a therapist so that factors that affect your lack of interest are assessed to a tee.

Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts and hopelessness are the primary contributors to bipolar disorder. If you experience deep sadness and feel that suicide is becoming a better option for you, seek medical help.

A medical professional will help you get into the roots of all your problems and will assist you with them accordingly. Plus, they can also provide you with an advisor to help you navigate through the difficulties of life.

Constant Hallucinations and Delusions

People with bipolar disorder may also experience psychosis that is characterized by hallucinations and delusions. In several cases, continuous hallucination may cause a person to feel and see things that do not exist.

A person in a state of manic depression often fails to realize that their behavior is out of the ordinary. This is why it is essential to ask your family members if they notice some unlikely changes in your behavior before heading to a doctor.  


A person with bipolar disorder will experience a manic episode or a high sexual drive. Unfortunately, a lack of understanding of this symptom can cost you your marriage.

Before you begin blaming it on your spouse, seek help from a therapist. The earlier you begin treatment, the better for you.


Bipolar disorder is one of the reasons for the many suicidal cases reported every day and has led to many divorces. Seek medical help as soon as you experience one or all of the above symptoms.

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