5 Reasons Why a Regular Dental Check Up Is Important


Many people do not enjoy visiting the dentist. Dental phobia is in fact a real thing.

But, dental check ups are such an important appointment that you want to make sure you go to every six months. Keep reading to learn five reasons why a regular dental check up is important.

1. Cavities

No matter how much you brush and floss there are small areas in between teeth that can easily be missed. This can cause buildup and create cavities by creating small holes in your teeth.

Regular cleanings will prevent cavities from forming because even if you miss areas while brushing, it more than likely will not be enough time to create a cavity.

If you ever do have a cavity forming at least the dentist will be able to catch it early before it turns into something worse. 

2. Oral Cancer

This is a serious disease that you want to catch early on. It can quickly progress and threaten your life. If you are keeping up with your checkups every six months, it will make it easier to catch oral cancer in its early stages and avoid future headaches.  

3. Gum Disease

Buildup can eventually erode the gum tissues in the mouth if the tartar buildup ends up causing an infection where the tooth and gum connect. This infection is known as gingivitis and can lead to breaking down the teeth.

If the gum disease worsens it can cause the bone that holds teeth in place to break down. If it ever gets to this point you will notice your teeth get loose or even fall out. 

The pain you will have to deal with and the money you will have to pay to take care of gum disease can be avoided with regular checkups. 

4. Tartar

Getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist means that you can remove all of the build-up tartar and gunk. The hygienists can reach hard to reach places that we have a hard time reaching. They can use special tools to scrub all of the tartar buildup off. 

If tartar is left on your teeth to build up it eventually hardens and makes it more difficult to remove. This can then lead to cavities if it is left untreated. 

5. Example for Your Kids

If you have children you can set a good example for them to carry into their adulthood. You can’t expect them to do the right thing if they don’t see you doing it too. Setting an example early in life increases the chances that they will carry this healthy habit into adulthood.

Don’t Wait to Schedule Your Next Check Up

After reading the five important reasons above hopefully, you are calling your dentist to schedule your next check up ASAP. No more skipping dental appointments, it is time to stay on top of your oral health.

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